Advice on digital:)
Hi everyone,.

I am considering going digital while in Uni as it saves a lot of time and money..

Am looking for a good durable camera and if need be I will also be looking to buy a good lense to go with it..

Really would like some advice from all you experts in here please..

Many thanks..


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You need to supply more information:1. What is your budget?.

2. Are you looking for a DSLR? (Your comment about a good lens implies that you are.).

3. What do you want to photograph: sports, wildlife, landscapes, people, concerts, indoors with flash, indoors without flash, etc? If you have to accept compromises, what is most important?.

4. You mention durable. Do you really mean this, i.e. would you pay more or accept a more limited specification for a camera with above average durability?.

5. What will you be doing with your photographs, i.e what quality/resolution do you need?Chris R..

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Needs and definitions differ vastly between people - some shoot street, others - sports, others - vacation snapshots, others - macro etc., etc..

Even the definition of 'durable' is too vague - are we talking hard tropical rain durable? Slightly sealed (against dust or drizzle)? Very rugged? Or just well-built?.

So here's my suggested workflow..

1. Go to manufacturers' sites: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony....

2. 'Pick' the lens/lenses that would be of most interest to you (focal length wise, speed, weather sealing, zoom vs prime etc.).

3. Go to and check the prices for those lenses at reputable sellers (such as B&H).

4. buy whatever system comes out the most suitable and least expensive for YOUR personal needs.

Some oversimplified 'shortcuts'.

For street, light, primes - Pentax K10DFor weather sealed, optical quality, zooms - OlympusFor overall 'well built, a pleasure to shoot with' factor - NikonFor the best selection of lenses, best low-light performance - Canon.

Sony... well... not sure what this would be the best choice for - a great camera, nonetheless .

Btw, don't sweat too much over 'features' - most any modern DSLR is plenty good for 99% of people..



'...turtles are great speed enthusiasts, which is natural.'J. Cortazar..

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You hardly deserve an answer. You have made so little effort in framing your question..

Price range?Intended use?Any limitation on size/weight?Are you after a point & shoot?Are you after a DSLR?.

Chris Elliott.

*Nikon* D Eighty + Fifty - Other equipment in Profile.


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I'm not sure about durable. You see, digital is developing very rapidly. What is state of the art today will inevitably belong in the museum couple of years later. So you may want to go for the budget-priced body and to invest more in a couple of decent lenses, which are not going to become obsolete that fast. Canon 400D + Sigma 12-24 (because the kit lens is not a very good one, and a digital lens would limit your options to upgrade to FF body later) + Canon 50/1.8 (good quality but low price) + Canon 100-400 IS L if you can afford it?.


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There are lots of digital camera sites that offer advice on helping people make a first digital camera selection. I think this one is pretty good because it walks you through the basic questions like, what do you need the camera for? what is your budget? etc.

If you have questions after reading through this page, then come back with specific questions.Study to shew thyself approved 2 Timothy 2:15..

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I'm surprised that a couple of posters have actually tried to answer your question..

Seriously - have another look at your question. It makes about as much sense as "I'd like to buy a good, reliable car. What would you advise?".

You need to provide more information about your budget, needs etc. We are not mind readers .

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Picoto wrote:.

Hi everyone,.

I am considering going digital while in Uni as it saves a lot of timeand money.Am looking for a good durable camera and if need be I will also belooking to buy a good lense to go with it.Picoto..

Come on fellas, be nice!.

Picoto is asking a newbie question: don't rough him up!.

My advice would be:.

Check out you local dealers to see what's on the "bargains" table, and choose a nice point and shoot for under $100-00, then play around with that for a year or so. Make your prints at a Kodak or Fuji kiosk..

This will get you all the shots you absolutely need, as well as the experience on which to base your choice for your next camera (after your graduation)..

Keep away from DSLRs. Apart from costing more to begin with, you will need a number of additional lenses/carry bags/filters etc to cover what is aready available as a built-in on your P&S. In addition, with a DSLR, your shots (off camera) won't be any better than off a P&S unless you engage in post-processing. Ask yourself, do you really have the time/interest/money for all that?..

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Further to the above,.

If you insist on going the DSLR-way, then check out "Chuxter"'s posts on the "Memory Stick" thread, this forum. He knows what he's talking about..

Good luck!..

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Mikelis wrote:.

Come on fellas, be nice!.

Picoto is asking a newbie question: don't rough him up!.

Sure. Just trying to help. Not roughing up, just a bit of "tough love". .

Picoto has almost no hope of getting good, relevant advice and information based on a vague question like that. Do you reckon if he had walked into a camera store and asked that question, that the salesperson would (should) simply start offering advice without asking for more information?.

It's a 2 way street. Don't expect to be able to just ask a vague question and have forum members start writing essays to cover all the possibilities. You have to come to the table, too..

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Comment #9

Kidding .


Mikelis wrote:.

OK, OK, fair enough. Point made! .

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