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Ok, I am looking at 3 different cameras. I would appreciate advice if you were able to buy one of the 3, which would you go for?Canon EOS 5D or Canon Eos-1d Mark-ii or Nikon D300.

My main purpose is shooting dog photography, tho I will do some human portraits.Next, what lens would you choose for your inital "kit" when shooting dogs?.

(I am also considering the Sony A700, but not sure. I really would like advice for the 3 above cameras instead of adding the Sony to the mix.).

I appreciate your input.Best wishes,Amber..

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These are all very good and capable cameras and any will do perfectly well the job you want. It is a matter of personal preference which camera you like the 'feel' of best so try them out and see which one you like best in your hand. You do not need to worry about making a 'poor' choice from these three, there isn't one..

A starter lens... how much do you want to spend? If money were no object, I'd go for the 17-55 f/2.8 (Nikon), otherwise the slower 18-70 f/3.5-4.5. WIth a Canon body - if money were no object, I'd go for the 17-55 f/2.8, otherwise the cheaper 17-85 f/4 -5.6. For dog and people photos it may be that you don't need the extreme wide angle so much, so a lens such as the Canon 24-105 L-series, or the Nikon 24-120, might be more appropriate..

Well, that's what I'd do.... meanwhile back on planet earth I have a humble Pentax K100D and the kit lens .

Have funMike..

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I would say none of them as long as the choice spans such a wide range of price points. You really do need to find out what capabilities you need and what do you want the photos to look like. What are the lighting conditions going to be? What about your distance to the subject? Will the subject be moving and how fast? Flash allowed or desired? ......

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The cameras you listed are top-of-the-line, pro models. I suggest that you post your query on the pro forum..


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Actually these 3 are all around 1800 give or take with the exception of the MKII which is a little more expensive right now, but after December it is expected to drop some more. I am looking to buy in Jan or Feb which will help with cost..

I do plan to use Flash occasionally (that I will buy at a later time), but prefer to work with natural light. Because I am photographing dogs, action performance is required as well as low noise levels in high iso ranges and low light. I am not at this point planning to do a lot of really far away shots (but hope to in the future as I have a Deerhound and love Lure Coursing), but do require a decent average zoom lens as dogs aren't typically stationary to catch some fun shots. I do have a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30 that can handle far away shots if needed until I can afford that lens. It has been a great camera, I have just outgrown it and it doesn't handle low light well and the highest iso is 400 which makes shooting indoor dog shows (where you can't use a flash) a huge pain in the you know what..

I do plan to go to the camera store to handle these in hand to see what fits me the best, but I know the sales people work on commission and can't be totally reliable for advice because they obviously want to sell the most expensive OR they are either a part of the militant Canon or Nikon party and feel extremely loyal to their preferred brand. Of course I know that no one can let me know what they think of the D300 with experience since it hasn't come out yet..

I am also wondering how important the Live View will be to me. That is what I am used to shooting with and it can be handy when you have to get low on the ground for dog shots, but I haven't used a normal viewfinder for years and not sure if will be an deciding factor. I rather have what will work best be the most important factor than just the viewfinder..

I do plan on doing large prints (I will be working with a local pet boutique which will be sold like artwork.) I don't plan to be able to afford to get everything I need right away, but do want something I can build on and not need to feel like I have to upgrade for a while. I regret not getting a DSLR when I bought my last camera (the panasonic) in 2006, and don't want to make the same mistake again. Not that I am going to stop using it for when I need a good zoom, but you know what I mean..

My main concern is good SS for action, and good ISO range with little noise at higher ISOs in low lighting, good IQ, 12/14 bit RAW, and plenty of choices for accessories. I am mainly thinking between the D5 and D300, but not sure what the benefits are between the D5 and the MKII..

I really appreciate the input and lens recommendations. I didn't want to go the pro forum and ask because I have seen that they usually tell folks to ask in this forum, but I will go ahead and post over there to see what they have to say. I am still reading threads in the Canon 5D/1D and Nikon forums..

Thank you for your help.Amber..

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Mike703 wrote:.

Well, that's what I'd do.... meanwhile back on planet earth I have ahumble Pentax K100D and the kit lens .

Have funMike.

I don't want to hijack the thread but how good have you found the Pentax and is the kit lens adequate for general use?..

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Mike703 wrote:.

Well, that's what I'd do.... meanwhile back on planet earth I have ahumble Pentax K100D and the kit lens .

Have funMike.

I don't want to hijack the thread but how good have you found thePentax and is the kit lens adequate for general use?.

I'm very happy with it. 6MP is plenty for prints up to A3 size, and the camera has image stabilisation built into the body so it works with any lens. At high ISO settings the lack of noise is good - I regularly take pics indoors without flash at ISO800 and they look clean and sharp up to 10x8 with no problem. I also like the secondary LCD on the top plate so you can see the f-stop / shutter speed and other settings without having to loook at the back LCD panel..

The kit lens is reckoned to be significantly better than the Canon / Nikon offerings (see for reviews). IMO the K100D plus kit lens is the best value you can get at the moment in a DSLR. It will be a long time before my capabilities exceed what the camera can offer..

Best wishesMike..

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