Advice (making a dvd with pics & vid.)
Hey all...I have a lot of good pic's and short video clips from my local drag strip,I help them out updating their photo gallery and now want to createa little dvd of a big show they just had.I've made one once before..( maker) but the quality wasn't so good.+had a cheapo camera

I now use a Fuji S700 7.1mp,and also have Adobe P.S.E 6,and Ashampoo burning.If anyone one could give me pointers or links to info on doing this correctlyI would greatly appreciate it !.

I'm just qunfused...Do I need to resize the pic's,use a DVDr not a CD-R,..etc.Just wanting to make a simple slide show with video clips and musicfor everyone to watch on their T.V's...Thanks ,Jason..

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Hey Jason,.

I'm going to be doing something similar soon for my dad's 65th birthday. I'll watch this thread with interest..

To answer your question, you'll want to go with a DVD. Some DVD players will automatically make slide shows though from a CD full of JPEGS, but I don't think you can really incorporate music and video AFAIK. As for resizing the pics, I think you should be fine and should only crop the images (if necessary), but I wouldn't worry about resizing. I would think 7.1MP would be plenty good for a DVD and prob. the lower quality you experienced before was just b/c of the camera..

I haven't used Ashampoo but it should do the job. From what I've read, people say it's really easy to use, just drag and drop into a playlist sort of format. I assume it would have a music track where you can drop MP3's for your background music. Ashampoo supports various video formats as well..

As for me, I have Nero, so I'll try to figure out how to use that. I played around with it a little bit and looked fairly straightforward. You just drag and drop stuff for the video to play, then it had 3 tracks for music and sound. Good luck, and I look forward to other responses for other's who've done it..

Just trying to learn.


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Thanks for the info !!Another factor is output from the software (Adobe)I can set the it for -standard,widescreen, on..I plan on burning the DVD on one output,so will some people have badplayback since it's not set to their specific T.V ?

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Howdy again,.

They should still be able to view it, but just like any DVD, if it's in a different format, it won't fit the screen perfectly. For examply, if you burn in wide-screen format, if someone has a non-widescreen TV, they'll see the black bars above and below. If you burn the DVD is non-widescreen format, for those with widescreen TVs, they'll either see the movie stretched across to fit OR see veritcal black bars on either side, depending how their TV is set. But they should be able to watch it either way..

Now, here is another peculiar thing I noticed. I have burned DVDs in the past and I've noticed older DVD players can't play or read them for some reason. I haven't quite fiugred it out. I'm burning in the standard DVD format, where it creates the VIDEO_TS directories and all that. However, I have a DVD player that I bought in 1999 (yeah it keeps ticking!) and it won't play movies I created on my computer from any software (Nero or a few other open source I've tried). I can't figure out why.

Just trying to learn.


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Thanks for clearing that up for

Maybe someone will chime in on that problem...Thats interesting also...


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Riceowl wrote:.

They should still be able to view it, but just like any DVD, if itsin a different format, it won't fit the screen perfectly..

One other thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't really matter what size, in mp, the pictures are. DVD output is extremely low resolution & there simply isn't any way to get the same amount of detail on a DVD as you would from a 3-14mp camera..

Now, here is another peculiar thing I noticed. I have burned DVDs inthe past and I've noticed older DVD players can't play or read themfor some reason..

That isn't your fault. I had a first generation Panasonic DVD player that would not play any home recorded DVDs. In fact, quite a few of the earlier DVD models even had a tough time dealing with dual layer prerecorded DVDs. Have you tried burning to both DVD-R and DVD+R?

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Thats what I'm using...( DVD+R).

Are you saying this is easier to read than dual layer ones.(older & newer players).

The ones I have can burn at 16x, would I benefit burning them at 4x ?Quality wise !.


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I would stick with DVD-R or DVD+R, especially if you're going to be doing just a few hundred pictures. In my experience, the DVD-R seems to be "more compatible" than the DVD+R format now, but that isn't necessarily the case for some older players (my old 2000 Toshiba was a great example)..

One program you might want to look into is Muvee AutoProducer. You can download a trial of it at I have AP6.0 and love it. I've done sports videos for the last couple of years with it, and the teams have loved them! It's very easy to import music tracks, you have different themes that can be customized, the slide transitions can be customized to the music beat or set times, etc. The basic version is limited to 50 pics per movie, but you can always use something like SonicDVD which comes with most DVD burners to make 50 pic chapters and put them together on a menu and chain it together as a fuller length movie..

I hope that helps!..

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Yes it did....Thanks for your input and advice !!!!.

I'll check it out for sure !.


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