Accessory Review: Macsense Geomet'r GPS Device
The $145 Geomet'r GPS receiver taps into the built-in GPS support of the Nikon D200, D300, D2Hs, D3xs, D3 and the Fujifilm S5 Pro to add GPS Exif tags to your images as you shoot. It's like have a built-in GPS receiver in your camera (no post processing). And note that price, significantly less than most GPS units. Read our review for the whole story...

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Did you have trouble using it indoors or under heavy foliage? One user noted in a review on Flicr that his was not usable indoors. Thanks...

Comment #1

Except for a pro why would anyone want one, what good are they??????..

Comment #2

I did not have any trouble. I was not just indoors but downstairs. The roof, that is, was a floor above my ceiling. But I wouldn't make much of this. While the antenna seems to be very strong, it's only one part of the equation. There's the terrain (I'm on the top of a hill) and the weather and where the satellites are.

But you can't stand at the top of Mount Davidson without being blocked by very tall eucalyptus trees (heavy foliage indeed)...

Comment #3

The tag your image with the location from which it was taken. With that information you can map where your images were taken using various software applications, as the review illustrates. If you're traveling in an unfamiliar place and don't recognize the scene in your photo, the GPS data can pinpoint the location for you. If you're shopping for a house one Sunday and you and your spouse take pictures of the candidates, you can sort them on the GPS data and remember precisely where they were taken. Just two examples...

Comment #4

Is there another way to mount it and still use the hot shoe for external flash, or the pop-up flash unit at the same time as the GPS unit?..

Comment #5

With the right software, GPS tags on photos can be as useful or even more useful than the time/date stamps currently embedded in all EXIF headers. If you have a large database of photos, location can be a very powerful way to find photos when you need something very specific. I do think however that Nikon has taken the wrong approach by using a cable connection for GPS. Most cell phones these days support GPS with Bluetooth. The nice thing about a bluetooth GPS is that you can just keep it in the camera bag, so it doesn't clutter up your camera (nor make it any heavier). Bluetooth could also be used for: 1) wireless remote through cell phone software (no custom hardware needed).

2) transfer of photos to a laptop as you take them (eye-fi-like functionality).

3) wireless head-mounted viewfinders (for those unusual & difficult shooting angles) In other words: I'll start using GPS with my camera when the camera bodies start shipping with bluetooth. I already have a bluetooth GPS. Right now, I guess the way to combine photos with GPS data is to do a post-processing merge from a GPS track log file to your photo library. I've seen software that does that, but having to maintain & download a track log from the GPS is too much trouble for me to be worth it...

Comment #6

Yes, as described in the review, there's another patch provided so you can mount it anywhere...

Comment #7

There's no track log with the units that use the cable to a Nikon dSLR because the cameras look for GPS data on that port and immediately write it to the file. Just to clarify. BT would be nice, I agree, but I had no issue with the cable. It's short enough and never got in the way. And it's nice to have something not battery powered these days. <g>..

Comment #8

Can you use the Geomet'r with ArcGIS or do you have to use the Flickr software?..

Comment #9

The device merely writes GPS data to each image. Any application that can read GPS data will display it. Any application that can map GPS data will map it. It does come with an application to read, display and map GPS data for each image, but you don't have to use it. You're completely free to use any application you want...

Comment #10

This product works like a charm! I travel at least once a year to different locations and it sucks when I can't remember where I took a particular photo. Was it in this city or that one? I'd be stuck telling friends and family, "I took this in ____ city or maybe it was that one, I don't remember." Then a friend of mine told me about this product and after reviewing Jon Bauer's review on Flickr, I decided to purchase the item and discovered that this thing is amazing! The price was another great thing about it. I would think a product like this would cost hundreds but Macsense offers it at a cheap price. Their customer service was great as well. I would definitely recommend this product to people. It's a little confusing to use at first but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it! =)..

Comment #11

You mentioned the elevation was some time way off, how accurate is the location (ie: longitude and latitude) thanks..

Comment #12

I saw this system first in action at the Nikon Exhibition in Bristol in November 07. Once seen - you will be hooked ! Seriously useful to location glamour/portrait photographers. It will undoubtedly change the way I work. The only problem is that I now have to save up for the Nikon D3 as well!..

Comment #13

I just returned from Africa and used the Geomet'r with my D300 all images were shot in Raw mode. I was able to view GPS data on the cameras LCD when multiselector jog dial was pressed upwards. After uploading all image files from CF card to my HD I noticed XMP files in addition to the .NEF files, however, I haven't been able to view GPS data or Google map/sat/hybrid info. Only after I saved the >.NEF file as a JPEG (with same numerical prefix) was I able to view pic but no GPS or map stuff included in the folder??? Any advice?..

Comment #14

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