Accessory Review: Klikk Camera Stand
For a long time, we've been addicted to a genre of gadget we have to call tripod substitutes. It's a healthy addiction. You come home with sharp shots. But we have to say we've never used a tripod substitute as unobtrusive and yet as useful as the Klikk camera stand. You don't even have to be shooting to find it useful, we found. Read our review to see just what makes it stand out...

Comments (12)

W italian style!!!!!!!!!!!!! Small, light, and ready to go everywhere the camera goes.

I ordered 2 Klikk from giving my best friends for Christmas and 1 for me for next weekend ... I go to Paris!!!.

Someone else has bought Klikk?..

Comment #1

Where do I begin? ... I sent for two of these, one as a small "stocking filler" gift for a relation. I can't find any useful use for it. - It's too flimsy and flexible to be of any practical use! - I can't forshame to give this to anyone as a useful camera accessory. - It just isn't useful. - A bean bag would be a far better alternative.

"The plastic guide runner has a good grip on the brass screw, but doesn't grip the brass screw tight enough to twist it the final hand-tightened quarter turn or so."Exactly, that's one of it's major problems! "Thanks to the special design of the screw, you aren't binding the screw to the base when you tighten it to the camera."...And therein lies one of it's main faults! "Then decide if you want your camera to point up, down or straight ahead. To set or change the angle, just slide your camera along the guide runner until it's set the way you want it."No chance! - It will either wobble or swing around! "You don't have to use the self-timer, though. You can just use the base like you would any support."No you can't! ... The self-timer is absolutely vital! ... And even then you will be lucky if you get a steady shot! "It did wobble a bit as the ABS plastic flexed, but we were able to press the Shutter button and get a sharp shot without resorting to the self-timer."....

- I may have to reassess that in the future! I've tested this with all my cameras, including the tiny Casio EX-S500, - It's useless. - Particularly with the Casio! - ANYTHING, (or nothing!), is better than this!..

Comment #2

First of all, there are two different models of the Klikk. The narrow one is designed for cameras with the tripod screw in the middle of the bottom plate (not too many have that). The square one is for cameras whose tripod screw is not centered. Second, compare your brass screw to the one in the illustrated review. If they're not identical, let me know and I'll discuss it with the CEO. I was able to get a very firm connection by hand tightening the screw to the camera but my screw was not loose in the base even with no camera attached...

Comment #3

The brass screw is identical, and can indeed stay firmly attached to the camera. But, the ABS plastic acts like a lubricant on the brass screw, and any off-centre weight will act like a pendulum, after only very little use. - See attached picture. (The camera is supposed to be at right-angles to the slot). The screw needs to be capable of being clamped firmly to the base when the camera is in the required position. And the base needs to be more rigid.

With the lightest of cameras, with a centre mounted thread, the device may be of limited use. Attachments:.


Comment #4

It's simply defective. The screw should not slide loosely along the slot in the base. Mine takes a good deal of force to move it through the slot. And since there is no way to tighten it, the base has to provide the resistance. Yours doesn't, so I'd send it back. Ccontact the company directly for a replacement.

If you have any problem, let me know at so I can get in touch with you privately to facilitate a replacement...

Comment #5

Thank you for your keen interest, but... They are both the same! - I have just taken the second one out of the case/bag. It had never been touched or used. I attached the little Casio to it, moved it towards the end of the slot to angle it slightly down, and it just swung around until the other right hand corner of the camera touched the table. IMO, a replacement will not solve this problem, it is a basic design fault. A camera needs to be held in some way, to any stand or support, not allowed to swivel under it's own weight.

- At any point in the slot, a heavier camera like my Panasonic FZ50, or Sony F717, will wobble due to not being held firmly...

Comment #6

That both are the same doesn't mean they aren't defective. That particular manufacturing batch may not have been to spec. I don't see any "basic design fault." Obviously, the camera shouldn't swivel under it's own weight, but if the screw is secure in the base and you tighten the camera to the screw, it can't swivel. I really do urge you to take this up with Klikk. Your experience in no way resembles mine with two review units...

Comment #7

"... if the screw is secure in the base and you tighten the camera to the screw, it can't swivel."It can and does, towards the end of the slot. At the very end of the slot it is completely free to rotate! In both examples! - That to me is a design fault! - We shall have to agree to differ. - But thank you for your continued interest, I will take it up with Klikk. - But I don't think this should be recommended for use with cameras the size of a Sony H3 or a Canon Rebel XTi, as indicated in your review, Klikk themselves describe it as... "Designed for your small digital camera,..."I bought these on the strength of you review...

A replacement is of no use to me, even with a Casio EX-S500, at the slot end, it is useless! Thank you for allowing me to make my comments...

Comment #8

The very end of the slot is indeed open by design to allow insertion of the screw into the slot. You have to turn the screw so it's key underneath slips into the open bay, however. The review accurately reports my experience with the H3 and XTi, which admittedly are at the far end of the spectrum. It stabilized both of them sufficiently to use the shutter button without a delay. I have one on a heavy (four AAs) POwerShot A650 IS and another on a small but hefty camcorder right now. None of these cameras swiveled freely at any position on the slot. Let me know what Klikk says...

Comment #9

It's the other end of the slot where the screw can rotate freely! - Obviously you can't slide the camera right to the insertion end of the slot! - That would be pointless, it would just lift out! I maintain that this product is not fit for the purpose described in the Imaging Resource review. - I shall return them to Klikk in Italy, together with all these comments. - I shall not be asking for replacements...

Comment #10

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the product. But I stand by the review. The units I reviewed do not exhibit that behavior. If yours or any else's does, you should return them as defective. I'm confident Klikk will make it right. They have been quick to resolve any complaint in the past...

Comment #11

Dear Caddy,.

This is Fabrizio Caffarelli, I am the inventor of the Klikk.

I simpatize with you for the bad experience you had. But as Mike is saying what happened is probably due to a defective screw that does not go all the way into your camera socket, otherwise you would not experiment those problems. If you want to give us anither chance, tomorrow I could Fedex a couple of new screws to see if the problem gets solved as it should. I do not know how it has happened as it is the first time I hear it. In any case we stand by what we sell so I will be happy to send you to other screws. Please let me know.

Best regards..

Comment #12

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