A New Medifast Success Story Already!!!?

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Am I missing something, or has Jodi McCain been the "MF Success Story" for almost a year now? (It may actually be longer; I started Medifast the first time on 11/11/09 and am back because I messed up and thought I could do the other 30 pounds on my own. Doh!).

C'mon, Medifast. I know there's got to be more success stories! We MF'ing people are here daily, and we could really use some fresh reminders that it can be done, by people just like us!..

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Kate, I completely agree!!! The same success stories are there from when I joined a year ago too. I know great new candidates exist because I see them here on the boards every day :-).


Comment #1

Yes I agree. I have been here since 7/09 and would like to see a new face up there...

Comment #2

Jodi and I started Medifast within a few weeks of each other (Feb 07). She is an awesome inspiration and I would not want to take away from the accomplishments and lasting contributions she has made to the Medifast community (case in point her OP Thanksgiving Feast is making the rounds again I see on the recipe board)..

That being said, I agree that it is better to circulate many success stories on the community home rather than stay with one static story forever. It gives people fresh reads and an infusion of new ideas and points of view to keep motivated.

I think she has been up there for maybe two years now if I remember correctly..

This goes for the featured blog as well. the community home is just that, a home page to jump off from. It is not meant to have the same information that never changes. It should be ever-changing, dynamic, and a place to go to find out new perspectives and inspirations...

Comment #3

That poll question (that is still the same since I started in April) drives me NUTS! Please change it difficult would it be to change it every week? or even every month?..

Comment #4

I will second this vote! I'm sure their web team is very small, but it would be a huge value add for us to have some fresh content up there!..

Comment #5

Fresh content isn't tough to add, particularly since they have people constantly posting up Success Stories to choose from They just need to devote the manpower to spend a few hours a week doing it.

And if they don't want to do that, they can always ask for some volunteers around here to do it. Most communities will have members who will give their own time to do so, and then they'd only need to review and post it up. And knowing the people around here, there are many who'd be more than happy to do so...

Comment #6

WOW you all took the words out of my mouth! Change it up Medifast! So much could be done on the community home page to keep it interesting!..

Comment #7

Agreed. The information from the poll question couldn't even be of value to them any longer. I got a smart phone recently, but had voted back in February (that I didn't have one). I'm sure I'm not the only one. Now my answer would be that I would be VERY interested in an app. for my phone...

Comment #8

Amen to all of the above. Change it up, Medifast!!!..

Comment #9

Hmmm. I never noticed it doesn't change. I guess I don't scroll down far enough to see it...

Comment #10

The poll question ALWAYS bothers me! I don't find it a helpful poll for this place really. Maybe a "What's your favorite exercise?" or something like that. I didn't notice Jodi, but when you said it, it clicked in my head. I went through some of the success stories (not all), and honestly I find some of the vets better role models and success stories! There was one, where a woman hadn't reached her goal weight... talked about taking a break from vacation and gaining only 6lbs but has since lost it and trying to get back to her original goal and finish up. While, I think it shows everyone is human...

I hope they change it up soon! We have so many great success stories around here.



Comment #11

Ok first you guys need to understand that posting what you want in the forums won't get it. They will accept our ideas for polls and other items on the community pages but you need to submit your ideas to the right place and that's through the help center link at the top of the page. The Medifast people use our input for the people to highlight. If you don't submit a new idea, it doesn't change. It's our page and they leave it up to us. If we don't provide input, then shame on us for complaining about what's there. So pull up your big girl britches, get out your thinking cap and submit your ideas to the people who can take them and make it happen...

Comment #12

I have some web design experience, I hereby volunteer to update the featured success story at least once a month if Medifast is willing to give me give me backend access to the website (of course they won't, but the point is that it really doesn't take much time to update something like that on a website.) There are so many success stories here that it seems not only a shame not to highlight them, but a poor marketing decision as well...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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