A Medifast Survival Guide?

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I'm working on putting together a Medifast Survival Guide. It's still in it's very early stages, but I'd like to get feedback on it. I want to add more content (nutrition information, frequently asked questions, additional links to sites that provide Medifast safe products, etc)..

I've posted it in the Articles section of my blog. If you get a chance, check it out and provide comment. I'd even be happy to have others provide entire sections for the thing..

It can be found here...

Comments (27)

This is just awesome (just checked it out)... very well thought out. And your recipes - wow! I am sure you will get lots of feedback on this...

Comment #1

Whoa, OB!!! It is wonderful!!!!! Great job!.

And I am so honored that you included a couple of my recipes!.

You are the KING of the Medifast kitchen!!!!!..

Comment #2

Gee OB, this is great. Just looked through it quickly right now. You put a lot of work into it..

Some initial thoughts:.

What about a section on doctoring up the Medifast meals to answer all those "this stuff is gross" questions?a resource section with links to such things as exercise equipment & videos stuff, calorie counters, vendors for shiratake, syrups, H&BAs, spices, etc.with permission of the authors, links to other works such as Defrag's website or The QuirkyIQ recipe collection?Pagination for easy recipe printing.

That's all I can think of right now. Let me know if I can helpI have a bunch of stuff saved in Word docs from when I started looking at the boards back in Sept2006. Great job!.

P.s. Recipies = Recipes..

Comment #3

I'm still torn on giving credit for recipies. I could do it, but it'd involve looking up A LOT of recipies. Plus, I've altered some and some are repeats/reposts of recipies from others. That's a lot of research..

I don't want to offend anyone and make it seem like they're my own recipies rather than giving proper credit. But I also don't particularly have the time to do the proper research to identify the originator of each and every recipie nor to compare what I have there with whatever the original was...

Comment #4

I left you a comment on this..

I think it's a fantastic idea, and it's looking pretty good even in the planning stages!!.

Best wishes for you in working on it!! It's gonna be a great help to others coming to the Medifast program!..

Comment #5

I could help with some of that. As mentioned, I saved a lot of recipes and posts. You could then add something like: Yummies inspired by a recipe from MediChefposter. Let me know...

Comment #6

No problemo here! You did an awesome job!.

This is a wonderful tool for the newbies,( or anyone!) and that's what counts!..

Comment #7

The doctoring section is a great idea. It's kinda covered in the existing Medifast Recipie guide, though, isn't it? Between that and the Medifast Based Recipies section, it may already be covered..

The exercise resource idea is something to consider, but I'd have to leave that to someone else to come up with (volunteers, anyone). I'm trying to put in the Medifast nutrition guides and will add a link to the USDA site where people can look up nutrition info. Already have the shirataki, davinci, true lemon, etc links..

Links to Defrags and Quirky's are a great idea..

Yea, I realized after I printed my own copy that I forgot to put in page numbers. Doh!..

Comment #8

Would love the help! As I said, I want to make this a means of letting people (vets and newbies alike) know the wonderful variety they can achieve on the it's easier to stick with the program!..

Comment #9

This is something to seriously & carefully consider. There are a number of recipes that originated with people here at MyMedifast or on the original MedifastDiet message boards. Credit was originally given to that person when shared here, but to my surprise have shown up in other people's blog sites with copyrights to the owner of the blog site. Quite disconcerting to see copyright credit taken for something that wasn't their's originally...

Comment #10

Nice work. Very helpful to a newbie like me. Just finishing my first week with no problems so far..

Not sure if it is a mistake, but the current survival guide download is missing any information for the cooked veggies section..

Congrats on your success so far. It is inspiring...

Comment #11

Still need to look up the cooked veggie info to put into that table. Again, this is just the beginning...

Comment #12

This is a good point. According to the MyMedifast Terms of Service, everything posted on MyMedifast becomes the property of Medifast, Inc. This of course assumes that everything posted here is not taken from another website and in violation of copyright laws - in that case, the content belongs to the original website. Also note that copyright infringement is against our Terms of Service, but this has never been an issue. Almost every website with a forum or sharing function has similar terms and conditions (MySpace, Blogspot, etc.)..

Orangeblood - you are more than welcome to use the recipes included in the Eat Right section of the MyMedifast Library, however. Those are for all members to enjoy. Many of the recipes posted there were from Medifast iteself, but some were submitted by users. We did not give credit, because as you said, research is timely. Recipes submitted to Medifast become Medifast's recipes, which is why we posted them in the Library to share with all users..

As far as we see it, the purpose of coming up with recipes is to share them with the masses and improve everyone's experience. Being creative is a fun way to motivate everyone, not just the recipe creator...

Comment #13

I love the idea of a doctoring guide, too, just the simple tricks we've all learned like cooking soups on the stoves, etc.

I've also saved a word file of my fave recipes that I use over and over and would be glad to send them to you..

I think most of us know that when we post a recipe on these boards we're not intending to keep the rights to it... and as Medifast Support points out, legally we are giving up copyright anyway.

So I think to save yourself some grief as far as looking up credits you could put a big, generic "thank you" to all Medifasters who shared on these boards and to MyMedifast...

Comment #14

By the way, I meant to also say.


Comment #15

Great job and a BIG thank you. I agree with all the suggestions for a doctoring section. For those of use who like the "no brainer" aspect of MF, quick ways to tweak the meals would be awesome...

Comment #16

Wow, Orangeblood, I'm a "Newbie" on day 5. I just happened across your survival guide. Medifast should hire you. Thank-you so much for all that info. I'm planning a train trip from MI to Kansas City to stay with my Grandson in a couple weeks and have been wondering how I will manage my meals on the train, I'll be making some cookies and muffins to take. Thanks again..

Comment #17

Thank you so much for your work. is great. I've only been on the program a week and a half and haven't gotten tired of selection yet. It is tolerable. But your suggestions really sound appetizing...

Comment #18

Awesome work. A lot of useful information even for a Medifaster that's been here for five months. Thanks!.

P.S. Recipe is spelled incorrectly in your doc. several times. Maybe run spell check??..

Comment #19

Oh - I agree that when we post a recipe to this board or any board that we are not intending to keep the rights to it. We just want to share it & pass it along..

I guess that is why I was so taken aback by the ones I saw. Because the owner of the blog has incorporated a collection of recipes into their blog and there is nothing stating that the recipes were gathered from others. There are some very familiar recipes that I know came verbatim directly from the MyMedifast message boards and the owner of the blog has made it appear as though they authored the recipes included in the collection.

I'm all for passing around recipes, but give credit where credit is due, even if all you say is "this is a recipe I found...." or "this is a recipe someone gave to me"...

Comment #20

This is great! You Rock!.

I am going to print it up and put it with the rest of my recipe books..

Thanks OB!..

Comment #21

Looks great looking forward to the weights for cooked veggies. Maybe you could convert grams to oz. Or give the formula...

Comment #22

This is wonderful! Thank you for putting the time into this. The recipes sound great! I can't wait to try some of them..



Comment #23

I enjoyed it. The guide was very helpful to me and some of the recipes, I can't wait to try...

Comment #24

WAHOO!! What a great idea, and what an incredible amount of work you've put in. I'm on day 5, and what you've put together looks fantastic to me. Thank You!!..

Comment #25

I've updated the charts and added an informational section on ketosis at the front as well as a couple new recipes I've found on the board. Next, I want to start on the FAQ section...

Comment #26

Thank you for the survival guide. I have just downloaded it, and I know I'll use some of your recipes... Your success is inspiring to me. Thanx again, Marcia..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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