GoDaddy testimonials : Recommend I pick GoDaddy?? $.60 .info SUPERINFO special tomorrow

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Registerfly tomorrow.

$.60 .info SUPERINFO special.

Will return on Friday morning for several hours.

How to redeem my .info promotional code.

Make sure you are logged into your RegisterFly account.

You must have at least one .info domain name purchase in your cart.

Enter the code "SUPERINFO".

PS - I know they suck sometimes but .60 for those abritrage and scrap sites is hard to beat..

Comments (56)

And when you sign up MAKE SURE you check your WHOIS privacy and turn it on. Half the time it won't even work on Registerfly...

Comment #1

Working on my list for it tonight..

Thanks for the heads up, and since you posted it, I will be giving you a green rep..

Comment #2

For a small nice site, is .info better than a subdomain?..

Comment #3

^^^i would suggest to get .info's if they are going to be a small info site thats going to rely on clicks for your ads, rather than subdomains, this way people who go to your site will not link it to the other 10-20 you may have.

- Robert DeVore..

Comment #4

You know what time today theyll be putting this code live?.

I got 10 sites I found that are untapped niches, and I want to pounce on these domains.

- Robert DeVore..

Comment #5

I wish they would just make the code live already..

Comment #6

Ahw, you can't pay with paypal on registerfly , I don't have any money on egold aah :'(..

Comment #7


If you have paypal's debit card you can use that to pay...

Comment #8

Anyone having luck with this yet? Ive been trying all day and havent had the code work..

Comment #9

Sorry guys it is friday - I dont know what I was thinking when I typed the title and first sentance - my bad..

Comment #10

Why dont you pay me through paypal and I'll buy the domains for you..

Comment #11


AWWWWWWWW. Why'd you have to do that? LOL..

Now, I just have more time to build a list of sites I want to purchase. I already have 14..

Comment #12

I wish a good company would have a special like this, I wouldn't use registerfly if it was the last registrar on the planet...

Comment #13

Does anyone know what time it will be at or have a good guess, it's hard for me as I am going out so I am getting my mate to register them, we both live in the uk so times are different. I know that they are based in the new jersey, is that the time zone they use?..

Comment #14

It is 2:39pm where I am at, and typically their codes go live around 9am or so (the last time I remember it was around 10 or so). So, figure around 19-20 hours from now..

- Robert DeVore..

Comment #15

Did anyone register any domains under this promo or hasn`t it gone live yet? I`ve been trying during the morning but it`s not working....

It`s 1:06pm here..

Comment #16

It still hasn't gone live for me either. pissed off. they should have it all day, or TELL you when the time itll go live is...

Comment #17

My conversation with them right now.

Dnic24: hi when is the superinfo sale today.

Matt: Hello,.

Matt: how may I help you today?.

Matt: the special has been delayed to probably monday there will be postings on the site as to when it will become live.

Dnic24: ok thank you - so no time today.

Matt: no.

Dnic24: would it go live on sat or sunday or do you only do them on business days.

Matt: no only on business day..

Comment #18

Wow that sucks. I have to be away from home all monday hehehe.

Thanks DanNicol!..

Comment #19

I keep hearing bad stories about regfly because of their whois screwing up and trying to transfer out. So as long as I keep the sites on regfly and make sure whois is fine, regfly isn't so bad? $0.60 seems unbeatable...

Comment #20

Anyone got any confirmation of it being on monday yet, I have searched there site cant see anything...

Comment #21

It is monday now, well 3 in the morning...

Comment #22

Yea 5:41 on monday over here. I hope this does go live today so I can get some more .info domains..

- Robert DeVore..

Comment #23

I am still trying and apparently it hasn't gone live.....

Comment #24

I think it will be on a friday as they always have the promotions on a friday...

Comment #25

I think it was all just a big scheme for them to get more traffic..

Comment #26

Any other cheap options? I'm looking for around $1.50 or under per .info and hopefully the host has decent bulk options...

Comment #27

I am gonna wait till this friday coming, if the offer isn't on then I am gonna use someone else. Already put a bit of money in my regfly account..

I ain't recommending these as I have never used any of them.

Http:// $1.45 .info.

Http:// $1.45 also has a offer on .org..

Comment #28

RegisterFly is such a stupid ass company. Here is my conversation with their helpline.

Alex: Hello,.

Alex: how may I help you today?.

Dnic24: hey alex - did you ever run that superinfo sale that I was emailed about last week - I tried friday and yesterday - any news?.

Alex: I am not aware of the exact date it will be run. you will receive an email or you can check :

Dnic24: Ok - but last time you sent an email and announced it on it never ran, how do I know it will run. I get tired of wasting my time.

Chat session has been closed by the site operator. Thank you for using live Chat and have a great day!.

He just bailed on my question.

I dont think the company has a clue. Sorry I got everyones hopes up.


Comment #29

How do you sign up for the email annoucments? I have an account.

I will probably wait till friday if they dont run it I am off to another domain registrar...

Comment #30

Yeah, I always keep an out for their newsletter, but this one had me wasting my time every morning since friday..

Still, I`m gonna stick to them for cheap .infos..

Comment #31

I had similar exchage with them recently! I suspect they've had a few complaints about the delay, so I'm hoping they run it on Friday where I'm gonna take full advantage - 500 to 1000 domains...

Comment #32

I used hostway last night and got a .info for $2.45, but I cannot setup the dns yet. Starting to piss me off. How long does it take to set up an account with one domain and no hosting. I know it won't be propogated yet, but at least I could point it to my host and start getting my landing pages/redirects set up...

Comment #33

Got the latest newsletter...they are announcing the superinfo special for this friday again.No mention of the fact that it never ran last friday..

And I have to be on a bus all friday morning with no possibility of going online..

Comment #34

Yeah - we will see if they actually follow through this time..


Comment #35

Its friday now, and it's not on yet ;x..

Comment #36

Dosen't look like they will run it. by my calculations it's 10:16am over there they said the offer will run for 2 hours. not too sure tho best to wait it out. if they dont run it anyone know any good cheap domain name registrars for .info? also how do you withdraw money from your registerfly account?..

Comment #37

Depends what you mean by cheap. You can still use "INFOSPECIAL" to get them for $1.59 or NETSPECIAL for .net domains at 2.99..

Comment #38

Superinfo is live now, get your ass over there..

Comment #39

9:09 PST here and the SUPERINFO if surrently running!!!!..

Comment #40

They are charging me $1.59 per domain in the cart, are they doing the smae for you.

I have put the code in and it accepts but the price is still 1.59..

Comment #41

Damn, you guys are slowing that site down.

L146705- it is working for me. Are you using SUPERINFO?..

Comment #42

Yeah I am using superinfo, it says the code is approved.

We have located your promotional code and adjusted your pricing based on the special. This promotion will expire on 2006-09-02.

But then it dosent update the prices. Doing my head in, must be a problem with my account as I have cleared cache and tried using firefox. still dosent work...

Comment #43

Is there a way to clear previous coupons as when I start the domains are $1.59 not $2.59 as they should be...

Comment #44

Damn took 30 minutes to register 50 .infos - but then again that only cost less than 30 bucks - gotta love it..

Comment #45

Hahahahaha, i'm sure it is! LOL It's a battlezone out there...

Comment #46

No problem.

I had to restrain myself from ordering tens of domains that I don't really need..

Comment #47

Well, registerfly is so fucking slow <_<.

It took me an hour just to unlock 3 domains so I can change the nameservers<_<..

Comment #48

Fugg, missed out on this.

Is it every friday?.

The .info domain space is gonna be raped soon.. no good domains available etc..

Comment #49

I buy .info's for $0.6 there now and then. Prices kick ass, their support is quite nice too, but the interface is just so slow, and buying domains can be quite buggy...

Comment #50

I'm going to buy 100 of them this Friday for a small project we are working on. Thanks for the heads up on this! .info's are garbage domains and are good to use for redirection services...

Comment #51

I think they will become more valueable over time...

Comment #52

Nah.. maybe in 50 years they will move up in value to $1.00.

Speaking of $0.60... do they do this every Friday, or was it a one time deal?..

Comment #53

It was on this wedensday or thursday but ussually runs every friday. the price has went up to $0.70c.

Beware about how much cash you put on your account as they dont let you withdraw it...

Comment #54

I know they have them for 75 cents through the end of today. But I think they may just keep renewing this deal all the time. Not sure though...

Comment #55 went for a few thousand dollars. I think it will be worth it if you get good domains. I have started to only buy domains that I want to develop so that if I don't/can't sell it I Can develop it latter down the line...

Comment #56

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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