40D, XTi or wait?
I am going to make the big jump from a P&S (Canon Powershot A420) to dSLRs. Right now, I am thinking of getting the Canon Rebel XTi or the Canon 40D. I am torn between the two and I want to make the most prudent choice when I get one because I will be investing on that unit..

My first concern is if the price upgrade is worth it? The price of the 40D is double of the XTi and I am thinking of just getting another lens for XTi and I will still have the same cost. Problem here is that some of the features in 40D are just too good as compared to the XTi. My main use for the camera will be with my travels and some indoor shots with peers..

On top of that, I've been hearing from my peers that the Canon 450D is coming up in a few months so I don't know if I should do the waiting game or just get it now..

That's off for the body question. Next jump is for lens. I came from P&S where lens don't matter at all. Then, I hear that the kit lens are not good especially if you want to grow with your camera. So, given that I'm gonna use this for travels (usually under lowlight conditions), what's a good and dependable lens I can work with. I want to establish it as a base where I can play with the power of the camera and learn it..

My budget ceiling is aroun 1500 USD...

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First off, cameras are not investments. They're like computers or cars, their value typically drops like a rock..

Good lenses on the other hand tend to hold their value..

The 50mm 1.8 is a no brainer for low light, but not wide enough for many indoor shots. The 16-35mm 2.8 is perfect for indoor and outdoor. A wide zoom is likely going to break your budget though..

I'd put more money towards a good lens and go with the cheaper body...

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The 40D is a beautiful camera, but uless you are either rich or very, very serious, the XTi is a far better choice..

Use the money you sabve to buy other stuff..


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If you have a big hand, the XTi is not comfortable. That's one of the reason why I got the 40D. For your $1500 budget, I will get:XTi will kit lens, $67750mm f/1.8, $80430EX flash, $245Hoya Pro1 Circular Polarizer filter, $100 (don't save money on this)Bogen 725B travel tripod, $113.

Http:// Stealth Reporter 650 AW bag for travel, $160.

Http:// have $125 (if I did the math right) for CF cards and some accessories.YongboPhoto Gallery:

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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With about the same spending budget..

I looked at the XTI, but I thought it was to small for my hands. The 40D felt GREAT! But purchasing a new 40D is not logical to me because I first need to learn about exposure and how to take good photos. And that can take a long time! So spending my entire camera budget on the 40D and not even knowing how to take good photos is not worth it imo. And by the time I actually know what I am doing to a point where I am comfortable, the 40D will be hundreds less. And there will be even less expensive used 40D's all over the place..

My plan is to get a nice used 20D, or if I find a great price for a used 30D..

So I could purchase a used 20D, and 2 good lenses, hoods, memory, extra battery, cleaning kit, bag, tripod, photography books and try to learn as much as possibal. After a year or two, I could sell the 20D and find a nice refurbished 40D to upgrade too. Or a new 50D or whatever Canon releases next..

Just thought I would share my thoughts...

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Whenever you look to buy, there will always be 'another new model' just around the corner and if you wait for it to come out.... should you then wait another few months for the inevitable drop in price? In the meantime, you could have been enjoying your camera so I would advise you to choose from what's available now..

I'm not a Canon user (I use Pentax) but I have used the 400/XTI and it produces good results (as indeed will any of the current models available). The step up to an SLR is definitely worthwhile but given your level of experience there is no point in going for the 40D. You're unlikely to get the best out of it - it will be larger, heavier and more difficult to use. I suggest you stick with the XTI and spend the money you save on better quality lenses..

I'm not familiar with the Canon lens line up but it's also worth looking at independant lenses from Tamron and Sigma. The Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 macro would be an excellent alternative to the kit lens..

Confused of Malvern'The greatest fool can ask more than the wisest man can answer'..

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Perfect plan. Let others take the price hit..

I've also seen great cameras like the 20D take huge price drops. A quick search on Google shows new 20D cameras available for $449-$645. This is an amazing deal..

Don't get too hung up on pixel count. I just received my old D30 (3.1 megapixel) camera back from the friend I sold it to and it still produces pictures that are magical (although auto focus performance on new cameras has improved dramatically). I owned a 1DS 11.1 megapixel and didn't like the white balance or the noise at higher ISO settings. I've been using a 1D Mark II at 8 megapixels and I've been happy for 3 years..

Once you find a DSLR you like, stick with it for a while. Getting the controls committed to memory will improve your shots..


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There have been numerous threads lately that have shown that there is very little difference in image quality of photos taken by a 40D as compared with a 400D, 350D, or even a 300D. As a beginner, there is absolutely no justification for buying an expensive body. Buy a cheaper body and put your money into a lens, tripod, and other accessories. After you develop good photographic skills, you can consider moving up to a better camera body (which will be a new and different model by then)..


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I did what you guys are talking about. I had a G3 then I bought a mint 20D <5000 pics on it; a 17-85mm canon ef-s, Tiffen grad -ND, B&W circular polarizer MRC-KSM, Hoya Pro Digital UV Filter. I am glad I did. Now I will wait for prices to go down in a year or two and buy the 40D or Nikon 300. I have small hands and I like the way the 20D felt compared to the 40D. 40D was too big for me..

Here is a link to some pictures I have been taking with the 20D. I have had it for about a month..



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Jchoate wrote:.

As a beginner, there isabsolutely no justification for buying an expensive body. Buy acheaper body and put your money into a lens, tripod, and otheraccessories. After you develop good photographic skills, you canconsider moving up to a better camera body (which will be a new anddifferent model by then)..

And if you do this you will also better appreciate the superior camera when you upgrade...

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I like the pictures - subjects and composition. The colors are a little too pumped up for my taste though. Are you cranking up the saturation during post processing? They certainly have impact, but they'd be easier on the eyes toned down just a bit. The last shot in this series looks about right on my system..

Nice shots - feel free to keep them as-is if that's how you like them - just sharing my initial impression..


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Hi Mark,.

Thanks for the critique..

Yes I kind of over did it. I myself am somewhat getting more into using photoshop and taking pictures so I still have alot to learn.Thanks for looking.


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Scott, I really liked your shots, including the saturated colors. Admittedly, I'm a fan of pumped-up color, but just wanted you to know that at least one person out there thought the colors were great...

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Not too much of a critique, but I find it hard to judge my own photos, so I thought I'd share my initial impressions. If you enjoy them, that's what counts...

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