3rd Week Plateau on Medifast program??

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Hi All,.

Today is the fourth day of my third week in Medifast. I started at 175.5. My first week I lost 4.5 pounds, and last week I lost 1.5. I know I should have waited until Sunday to weigh in like I'm supposed to, but I was nervous due to my low weigh-in last week, so I jumped the gun to see where I was at. I've lost another half pound, now at 168.5..

I'm wondering if this is a normal weight loss. Obviously that's a difficult question - a normal weight loss that is - I only ask because if I am not following the general curve then I will change up a few things, for example only eat off the "lean" protien list for a week..

I know I have not been getting in all my required water - in general I only get in about half. I also have not started a work-out routine yet, which I am starting this weekend. So perhaps these are factors. But, as I said, I'm just curious as to the curve..

What was your starting weight, and your weight loss for the first 3 weeks?.


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Not to worry - during weight loss your body will have some natural "pauses" and yes, maybe even some natural plateaus (technically 3 or more weeks with no loss). Just keep following the plan & your body won't be able to help itself but to keep giving up the pounds. Maybe more some weeks, less others, but if you are on will be too!..

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Congratulations on losing 6.5 lbs already!!!.

I find that my body loses weight in fits and starts. Generally I lose between 1 - 3 lbs a week (but I am further away from goal than you are ) My slowest weight loss weeks are right before my TOM. Then I lose alot right afterwards. The first week OP is often the most exciting (loss-wise) because we're losing alot of water-weight. After that, things start to steady out just a bit more..

You said you're not drinking all your water...that COULD cause the weight loss to slow down a bit. We retain water when we don't drink enough water. Many people on the boards advise drinking even more than the recommended amount, and suggest that you drink at least 100 oz a day. (You DO get used to it...and you also get very familiar with your 'powder room' ).

It sounds like you are definitely on the right track though!!! Congratulations!!!..

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I've heard about the dreaded 3rd or 4th week stall... and now I'm experiencing it too. *ugh*.

My weigh-in is tomorrow, and I'm hoping for a miracle because right now I'm at -0.2 lost for the week. I've been OP and also drinking all my water, so I was planning on a much larger number. At any rate, I feel your pain. LOL!! But it's the big picture over the long haul that will count in the long run. (Cliche enough? *snicker*)..

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The pause is real and it is hard on the psyche, but it is normal. I think my week 3 was a .2 loss, which really depressed me at the time. But stay the course and your body adjusts and I think I've lost 3+ pounds each week since...

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Stick to the plan, drink your water, the weight will come off. Some weeks you'll only see a fraction of a pound, then two weeks later, WHOOSH there's four pounds gone..

Our bodies are strange things. It'll hold on to weight, then release, and you aren't always going to know the cause and effect, so avoid too much superstitious behavior (for example, like thinking an all shakes day will release extra weight). Just know that any gains (assuming you aren't going off plan) aren't fat pounds, but are more likely water retention, TOM, stress, etc "false fat" scenarios.

Stay within the range 800-1000 calories, 80-85 carbs, 40/40/20 protein/carbs/fat percentage, and the weight will come off.

You'll find that the less you need to lose, the less you'll actually lose on a weekly basis. I do think anyone with less than 50 pounds to lose won't see the bigger numbers like some of us bigger folks accumulate. Bigger bodies burn more calories in our total energy expenditure (activity expenditure + resting expenditure), so the difference between, say 2200 TEE and 800 eaten (1400 net calories burned) means I'm at a much higher calorie deficit than you are and thus "losing more" (but have a lot farther to go and thus will take longer), where someone with less than 50 to lose might be more like 1600 and 800 (800). All of us, no matter where we started at, I imagine will have to fight tooth and nail for every fraction of a pound the closer we get to goal. In some ways, losing that last 5-25 is the hardest part of the weight loss phase. Maintenance, of course, being truly the hardest phase of the journey..

Freedom99 posted on her blog something about how every four weeks she hit a minor loss, a stall, or even worse a gain. What comes to many women every four weeks? Guess what weeks most new Medifast women post about concerned about a poor losing week? That's right... 3-5 weeks in. Your next one will be 6-8 weeks, then 9-12 weeks, depending on where your cycle falls in your weekly tracking. Once you know to look for it, hopefully it won't be as distressing...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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