32mb Sony Memory Stick
Just bought a Sony Cyber-Shot and want to know if the new 32m memory stick, I guess intended for the 700, works in the Cyber-Shot? I'm guessing that the 32m stick is just so new that it's not listed in the literature?..

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I use the standard "ATA Flash Type II PC Cards" with the Sony D700. It is a PCMCIA type memory and available up to 224MB from many third party manufacturers, including Simple Technology and SanDisk. It is a lot less expensive to purchase the memory from third party manufacturere than Sony (and larger memory available by the third party). I have been very satisfied with the Simple Technology's 224MB memory modules...

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have the DCS-F55. It only uses the Memory Stick format ( any I guess NO ONE has any )...

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You should avoid memory stick if you can. Tests have shown this is the slowest form of digital camera memory available, by a huge margin. Check the tests on

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That's ok, sometimes these discussions go a little beyond the scope of the question asked...

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I know! I bought a F55(K) in Japan a few weeks ago (and I love it!). You can use any size Memory Stick that Sony releases. The cool thing about them is the serial interface used on the Sticks that pretty much future-proofs 'em. I preordered a 32MB card from So, now I wait... - Scott..

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Thanks Scott,Really is a nice camera isn't it !Know what would be really cool... If a third party battery maker made a replacement NiMH that attached underneath (to the tripod adapter) with a little power plug-in like is on the AC/DC adaptor. Could get us some "REAL" time. It could even have a little storge compartment for extra memory sticks...

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I find that the battery life is pretty good. But then I was used to the F1 which sucked. You needed to carry around three extra batteries with you. With the F55 you only need one extra battery to get you through the day.- Scott..

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Saw no evidence that sony's memory stick was the slowest form of media that benoit claims is on the site the site.

Compares against other smartmedia and compactflash cards, but makes.

No mention of memory sticks, which lexar may not even be considering.there should be no question of the 32 meg stick functioning in the.


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I'm trying to locate a portable storage device for downloading images from a memory stick into while in the field. I have a Sony DSC-S70 CyberShot, and we go hiking for days at a time. It seems my only alternative is to buy multiple memory sticks. Can this truly be my only option?..

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Twilla, You might try researching the "Digital Wallet". It has a type II PCMCIA card slot and can accept a memory stick to PCMCIA card adapter according to reviews. There's a review on , and I thought there was something on it at , but I couldn't find it... Good luck!..

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Yipes! - I think the Digital Wallet review got un-linked when we moved servers! (Thanks Gerald!) Here's the URL:

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You're welcome, Dave. I'm glad that I didn't just imagine it... I was beginning to the think that the ol' chromium plated cheap steel trap, that I bought secondhand at a swap meet, was getting rusty...

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Maybe i'm the only one jinxed with "sids", sudden inexplicable death syndrome, but i've now lost 3 memory sticks to this problem (in the last 2 months - sony dsc-d770 using card reader). I post messages hoping to find some answer to the problem but no one responds. my 8mb compact flash card keeps ticking away with no problem, but I can't keep any memory stick alive for longer than six weeks. does ANYONE have a hint of why this might be?..

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Lexar makes compact flash cards. Of course they would say that their cards are faster than anyone elses product. Look for tests from third parties, such as imaging-resource or cnet...

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Bill: Your memory sticks should last far longer than six weeks. Some ideas of what your problem might be: -Damaged contacts by inserting and removing the card from the reader/camera. Do the contacts apear damaged? -Memory sticks are a form of flash memory. This means voltage is used to write/erase data to the card. You could have a short/power surge in either the camera or the reader. This could cause the card to lose all it's data and possibly compleatly destroy it.

DEMAND replacements from Sony...

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