I've only lost 2 lbs first week of Medifast

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I am on my first week, have only lost two pounds this first week. I have been very diligent, I am having a cup of coffee in the morning with Truvia and dry creamer (low fat/ 6 carbs) is this enough to screw me up??? I am eating 80% less then I was probably. So frustrating!! Anyone else start out this slow?.

Thank you!!!!!.

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Are you drinking all your water? Measuring your full L&G? Some people do not realize how much the L&G really is and they tend to under estimate. Are you getting all five of your Medifast meals in per day? And are you snacking on anything?.

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Thanks for replying,.

I am drinking my water, I am not measuring my green, but I am measuring my lean (meat). I am having a pile of good greens, cucumbers,tomatos and a dressing the has 7 carbs per TBSP. I did have some ranch dressing while at a restaurant. I had a salad. Can that be enough to throw me off??.

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Yep. Carb count for salad dressing should be under five grams. You should weigh your veggies. Are you exercising? Drinking at least 64 oz water?.

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Weigh my veggies?? Measure or weigh? I am drinking my water, I am not exercising yet, I was told to wait a couple of weeks by my coach. I was a little dizzy, my calorie count is so much less then what I was eating. I am wondering if I am not in Ketosis. Good job on your loss by the way!!!.

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Yep weigh veggies you get much more. You may not be getting enough foodI was making sure you were not exercisingAnd thanks for your kind words. I drink at least 120 oz of water. Water is your best friend. Are you logging your foods? Then you can tell us what your carb/fat/calorie intake is to help ya more. However not everyone loses a bunch week one also. Not sure how much weight you have to lose either..

Comment #5

Checked your page.Just wanted to make sure you had more than 20 pounds to lose..

Comment #6

I haven't really felt like I am not getting enough food. I am eating all 5 Medifast meals, and my lean green. I could drink more water. I am at about 7-8 glasses. I will weigh my veggies more carefully. I think I need to really watch the dressing too..


Comment #7

You MUST weigh your veggies! Here is the list by grams:.

"Salad dressings should provide approximately 5 grams of fat and < 6 grams of carbohydrates per serving." Also, here is the condiment list.


Do you have the lists for lean, meatless options and snacks?.

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6 carbs is alot to put in a cup of coffee - almost half a Medifast meal's allowance - have you tried making a Medifast shake and using that in your coffee?.

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You need to be tracking every bite that passes your lips. You ideally want your daily carb count be 80-85 for optimal losses and your total calorie count under 1000. This is a carb counting plan, not a calorie counting plan. Calories come into play when you move on to the Transition and maintenance plans.

If you're feeling dizzy have either 2 dill pickle spears of 1 cup of low fat boullion. Those are allowable snacks (in addition to your 5&1) and will help with that symptom..

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Yes!!! This is a LOW carb diet. Cut the creamer and use part of your shake as creamer if you want to. I have a cappuccino every morning with coffee instead of water....LOVE IT!.

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Definately use a scale to weigh your vegis. You'd be suprised what one little tomato weighs! Like Tracy said, use the grams scale for your measuring guides. I printed both the lean and vegi out and keep in it in a binder for easy ascess.

Aslo, and a lot of your local stores carry Walden Farms dressing, which are zero everything, and actually taste very good. The Creamy Bacon and Chipolte are awesome!.

I've been having my hot cocoa packet in my coffee every morning, then blend it up with some ice so it's kinda like a smoothy. It gets in my breakfast which is hard for me to eat in the mornings, and my coffee too!.

Good luck!.

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Drink water!!! Lots and lots of water. The 8 glasses required are not enough. I generally drink at least 128 oz. of water, but I try for 160 oz. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times, you'll find you drink a lot more..

Comment #13

Your morning coffee is the equivalent of 6 condiments, so you're way over. Try switching to a sugar free creamer (1g carbs/T) ot half & half (on the healthy fats list). Yes, I think it is enough to mess you up especially if you are eating too many vegs AND adding a higher carb dressing. Switch to veggies that need no dressing or use a low carb one and see how it goes next week. Try logging all your food in MyPlan and if you are over 85g carbs/day that is probably the culprit..

If you don't have a scale then at least do measure your veggies... use measuring cups and measure in the form you eat them in (cooked or raw)..

Comment #14

Tarahh1, explain about the 20 lbs. thing you mentioned here Please or just send me an e-mail. Thanks..

Comment #15

Thank you so much! You all are so willing to help and take the time to answer my plea!!! Thank you, thank you,.

I will follow your advice and keep you posted.My coach didn't really explain that it is low carb vs calorie. I really need this to work as I am sure you all do. I want the sucess that some of you have, like 5 lbs a week! .

Good job to you all!!.

Comment #16

[quote=Buckarett]Thank you so much! You all are so willing to help and take the time to answer my plea!!! Thank you, thank you,.

I will follow your advice and keep you posted.My coach didn't really explain that it is low carb vs calorie. I really need this to work as I am sure you all do. I want the success that some of you have, like 5 lbs a week! .

Good job to you all!!.

Comment #17

How do you use your shake for creamer??? Premix it???.


Comment #18

Great advice from other people, were you on another low carb plan right before Medifast? If you went right from South Beach/Atkins et al to Medifast, you would not get the dramatic loss because you would already be in ketosis and wouldn't have the water loss..

Comment #19

Re: Using shake for creamer....

I often make a shake or hot cocoa in the blender, than add it to hot coffee. Or, sometimes I add packets of instant coffee to a shake in the blender..

Good luck!!.


Comment #20

If you like mochas, make the hot cocoa with coffee instead of water. Excellent, iced too. I have this every day..

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I add 2-4 teaspoons of Cappucino dry to each cup of coffee I have in the morning (usually 1 reg & 2 decaf). That gets me going in the morning and I can wait to have a real breakfast meal until 10:30 that way..

I put the Cappucino in first and stir it in between sipping it it's afine art ..

At night I use what is left over from the packet of Cappucino mixed with usually about 1/3 c hot water as a snack..

Hope that helps. I have premixed shakes and added like creamer too, but it didn't work quite as well for me. Hot Cocoa works in a pinch and the Chai Latte would be great if I really liked it, if you like it I would suggest tryinmg that?.

I have never liked my coffee very sweet, so mayb you would still add the little bit of Truvia too?.

Try everything! Good Luck.


Comment #22

Have you printed out the condiment list? You need to be following the plan guidelines to the letter. There is a very narrow gap between in ketosis and out of ketosis on this plan. Why not give the plan a chance as written and see if you aren't happier with the results?.

I'm also bumping Tarahh's awesome thread called "Why aren't I losing (long)"..

Comment #23

NS recommends this diet for people with a BMI over 25, with 15 or more pounds of fat to lose. If you have less weight to lose than that, another diet would be preferable as you don't have the fat stores to burn in ketosis. Also, if you're towards the lower end, like with just 20 pounds to lose, then losing 2 pounds the first week would be AMAZING losses. You lose slower towards the end..

Comment #24

Thanks Freya~ you said it mucho better than I could have.

Comment #25

I used to take the vanilla shake and mix it with just enough water to be the consistency of creamer, then mixed it in my 16 oz coffee. No lumps this way.

Comment #26

I seriously doubt that..

Comment #27

Yep, just make up a vanilla shake or whatever and add it to your coffee. I prefer iced coffee, so mix a cup of coffee with the cappuccino. Then have black coffee on the side..

Comment #28

Is the creamer what is 6 grams? I know Truvia is 3 grams PER PACKET. (No calories does not mean no carbs in many things- BE CAREFUL). I gave up the Truvia the first week. I could not hack that many grams of carbs. If only the creamer were 6, plus Truvia- you are talking 9 carbs in a cup of coffee. Ouch! .

You are eating dressing with how many carbs on top of that? That is really going to be adding up.

I went to the sugar-free coffee mate and entered it as a private food on my meal log. I put it alone (1 gram per TBSP) in my coffee. It took some adjusting, but I am living. I did find the Torani sugar free syrup in the store yesterday and added it today! Yum! That was nicer.

I also almost NEVER have salad, just because I do not want to use the carbs on dressing and I cannot eat it without. I tend to go with other veggie choices.

Definitely drink more water- TONS! Float a boat sister! Weigh your veggies and this week should be better..

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Just to clarify, 5# a week - for many weeks is NOT the norm here. Medifast says 2-5# is to be expected and some as they near the end are doing leaps of joy for 1 pound a week. The first week is typically good, the second week if not should be good. The third week is usually not so good for many. Look at the tickers, some started really high and lose a lot each week for a long time, but 5# a week every week- not going to happen. I just want you to have realistic expectations and not end up disappointed..

Comment #30

I can't have my coffee without my creamer! I use CoffeeMate French Vanilla, but switched to the sugar free one which has less of everything and is more doable on MF..

Comment #31

If you are out and about and need to mix coffee, stop by Dunkin Donuts and they'll be happy to add whatever you want in your coffee, i.e. shake, hot cocoa or capp and ask them to mix it on their collata machine. It works wonderful. No lumps, and it will save you from using a condiment. Good luck!!.

Comment #32

I think half and half has less carbs than the powdered creamer too. Check the labels. 2 TBSP = one condiment.

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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