Trouble eating everything in Nutrisystem

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Wow, I feel like a ballon about to pop. I ate and drank everything I was suppose to except for about half of my Nutrisystem oriental steak. I will have to try to do better tomorrow. I am not a big eater I just like and have been eating the wrong things. What do you suggest?.

Thanks, Brenda.

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Maybe smaller salads. I feel the same way.I am going to skip the snack at the end of the day. I am sure there is some purpose to eating so much but my goal this week is to follow the program to the T..

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You are going to follow the program to the T but plan to skip the snack at the end of the day? That item labeled "dessert" is loaded with protein and other nutrients. It is part of the program and you are expected to eat all items in order to get in all your nutrition and to rev up your metabolism. You are adding fuel to the fire when you eat as planned; the fire helps get rid of fat. Don't forget to drink the water..

Some people spread their eating out so that they are not eating so much at one time. For example, they might save an item from breakfast and eat it later in the morning. I often eat my veggies at lunch about an hour different from when I eat the entree..

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Hello and welcome Brenda!.

Participating in the community is an excellent idea! As you may already be able to see, we have incredible members here, who are full of support, advice and information! In addition to Newbies, you may also find it beneficial to check out Food Talk and Tips to gather ideas and suggestions for tailoring the program specifics to fit your tastes. Also, consider joining in on a weight loss challenge to help give your routine an extra boost!.

Feel free to contact us via email at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum, if you have any questions or concerns while exploring the site!.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy weight loss journey!.

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Try spacing out your meals. Instead of eating everything for bfast at 7am, try eating the Nutrisystem Bfast entree at 7, then your protein/ dairy and fruit at 9. That way you don't feel uncomfortably full after each meal. I started doing that and it has really helped. Good luck!.

Comment #4

I understand the problem as it was a bit of a challenge for me as well. I would agree with most here on the board though that if you try spacing it out that should help. Also, I use to eat a lot more for breakfast and then way less for lunch and dinner, so I basically shift as much as I can to either breakfast or early morning that way my body is totally getting what it is use to in the morning (a lot of food) and I'm also able to get everything in while having smaller lunches and dinner.

I eat the breakfast as is and then take what suppose to be the afternoon snack and one of the veggies (usually celery) and it that in the morning before lunch. Then at lunch I eat what I'm suppose to with the plan that hopefully by dinner I'm down to only one veggie left and the entree, fruit, and then dessert..

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Hi, just starting the program today, and I cannot eat everything on it, I am stuffed...I was never a big eater...just ate the wrong stuff and being a Type 2 doesn't take much to fill me. Of course it's the bread that I could live on....veggies are a challenge for me...I love them but just not a lot of them...

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Measure out your vegetables. 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked really is less than you can eyeball..

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Yesterday I spaced all the meals, snacks, etc three hours apart. I did the same today but instead of an apple or banana each fruit was replaced with three prunes and I munched on some "dinner" veggies all through the day. I think that this allowed me to get all of my dinner down tonight! HORRAY!!!.

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You can also have your dessert/snack earlier in the day, which is great if you can't stomach it at the end of the night..

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Just finished 3 weeks today and am finally getting used to it. Still feel full, but not like I'm gonna pop anymore. Spacing things out does help. Also I've found that replacing a piece of fruit with apple juice or a few dried apricots helps..

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It takes a few weeks to get used to. Try to eat everything, but don't make yourself sick at the beginning. Eventually your body will adjust and you will be able to eat everything without feeling so bloated. Also, try less filling add-ins..

Comment #11

I'm day 3...having a little of the same issue. My biggest trouble is how to get all the vegis in...never been a big "green" eater, although I have made huge strides in the past 5 years. I just don't like them that much, and so it's hard for me to eat that many servings in a day. I'm also a night shift worker so it does not help that I have no set schedule either. How bad is it if you don't get in all the "extras"?.

Comment #12

It's bad. If you don't eat your fruits, veggies and proteins that you are told to add in, your metabolism will start shutting down into "starvation mode" because your body will not be getting nearly enough nutrients. (The total basic women's program is only about 1200 calories and maintaining your weight calls for a daily caloric intake of about 2,000 calories.) This means that not only will you not be losing weight, you'll be perhaps gaining some of it back. Our bodies are designed for survival, and they do this as long as they have to in order to stay alive. Eat all your add-ins! As you have probably already read elsewhere, you can space out your foods at whatever times you please during the day just make sure to eat everything you are supposed to!.

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Try eating one or two servings of veggies as a snack in the morning. I usually have 2 cups of baby carrots (2 servings) as a snack, which takes care of my lunch veggies..

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Try 4 oz of low sodium V-8 juice as a veggie serving occasionally; and 3 prunes as a fruit serving. Boiled eggs or string cheese for dairy/protein add ins. These are less bulky choices and will take under a minute to consume!! .

Best of luck to you!!.

Comment #15

Thanks for the tips...I am doing a little hubby went and bought a buffet of new vegis to try, and it's working...just takes time to think it through and prepare (never a strong suit of mine!!!! haha) And I boiled up a whole bunch of eggs to have on hand too...protein should never be a prob for me, as I was raised by meat! hehe And I enjoy the fruit, even tho it has taken some adjustment too, but everyday is easier!.

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Just joined and opted for the select plan, good to hear you guys say there's plnthy of foods, I'm a southern girl so I love food... how long did it take for you to get your foo?.

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If you have a grill, grilled veggies are very good - both hot and cold. I will grill zucchini, summer squash, portabello mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, onions, etc. that I marinate in fresh garlic and balsamic vinegar and then I will eat them cold during the week on my salads. You can also just use the McCormick Garlic and Herb spice and spray them with some oil. Grilled brussel sprouts are also good, both hot and cold.

Roasted vegetables are also great. Roasting them makes the natural sweetness in the veggies come out. Lots of threads on roasting vegetables..

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Don't forget about the fat serving! You didn't mention it in your revised plan. It's totally okay to move things around as long as you are still getting things to eat throughout your day. But don't forget anything. The fat serving is important if you want to prevent gall bladder problems, keep you hair, have good skin/nails etc. Just be sure that you add it in sometime during the day..

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