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So I see this new offer on an aff network, so I decide to try it out via direct link. Come to find out this shit was converting decently. So of course after awhile my QS went to shit. So I registered a domain so I can setup a WP blog to get my QS back up. I chose to go with 1and1 because they are offering anynomous registration for free( me being cheap).

So i'm trying to login to transfer my domain over to where I host my sites and I can't. So I get on the phone with them and they tell me it can take up 48 hours for my registration to go through. wtf!.

This happened around 11:00 am EST, and I'm still waiting..

Fuck 1and1..

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Bummer man. Cough up the extra few bucks for better service elsewhere..

You're not the first to have issues:.

Avoid 1and1 for both hosting and domains..

1and1 Contract Termination.

Avoid 1and1(and a law question)..

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Ya this was just discussed here about 2 weeks ago...

Comment #2

I use 1and1 and I have to say that there are some issues, but overall they are pretty solid. If you dont want to speak to a phillipino get a dedicated server and they pick up right away in USA during normal business hours...

Comment #3

Happy late realization mate....

Well, just thank god you didn't suffer as much as others have...

I know people who have had websites with 20K daily uniques making $500 a day down for days together just because 1and1 tends to screw up every now and then..

GET AS FAR AWAY FROM 1AND1 AS YOU CAN, that's one piece of advice from me..

Comment #4

Are you kidding me bro? Did you not even bother to google the company name before forking over your cash?..

Comment #5

This mother fucking piece of shit company, if you can call it a company, is fucking clueless..

Every time I call, I talk with someone as if s/he is in a fucking boiler room..

Try transferring out names and these fuckers will hold on to dns record as "external" transfer..

Their exchange account is even worse; servers go up and down and they deny anything is going on..

The word "sucks" cannot possibly and accurately describe this fucking shit hole..

Yeah, learn from my costly mistake and stay as far away from 1and1...

Comment #6

Larger companies tend to lack the quality support that medium sized companies can offer...

Comment #7

Same here.. 1and1 sucks when it comes to domain transfers..

Well, they're confident already of having a very large customer base....

Comment #8

What would be the best way to transfer out hundreds of domains from 1and1? Any suggestions?..

Comment #9

I am sending all my names over to moniker. talk to your am to see if they can help you do bulk transfer. however, because 1and1-blow-me is just a shitty organization, you will still have to do lots of work yourself:.

1. retrieve auth code for all names; yes that means getting them one at a time because they purposely turned off the bulk function.

2. go to moniker and initiate the bulk transfer (domain name,auth code).

3. go to and choose "cancel domains (NOT the entire package).

4. find the name, and on the "execute" column, choose "as soon as possible".

5. then on the cancellation option, choose "change of provider".

6. when done with names, click on the bottom most "continue" button to finish out.

7. you will need to confirm the request on their final screen.

8. also confirm the cancellation email.

9. moniker will take about 14 days to transfer over, provided that 1and1 doesn't fuck up (they will).

Finally, check your 1and1 account after to make sure. if my experience is not unique, they will have changed your domain names to "external domain" status. call their lacking-customer-support to remove these (goo dluck)..

1and1, you truly are the fucking ugliest troll in the domain industry...

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