GoDaddy customer service : Advise I invest in GoDaddy?? 1and1 screwed me over!!!!!!!

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Ok so the story goes like, I reg'ed about 1.5 years ago

The whois information tells me that i'm reged to the domain.

And I reg'ed it at i've contacted them and they have said they can't do anything.

It says.

Registrant's agent:.

No agent listed.

What do I do...........

I've been without this domain for over 1 year... I had the domain for about 6 months etc and they took it off me......

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What exactly is the problem? Are you saying that you can't manage the name (ie. set the name servers, transfer, etc)?.

They can't do anything about what? What type of contact (email, phone)? The name is registered to you until september, 2007. How did they take it from you?.

If you haven't contacted them by phone, I suggest you start there.

You'll need to go into a little more detail before anyone here can help.


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I find nominet very helpfull in these situations and can get the current status on what is going on and will chase the registrar if they have made a mistake and resolve it for you.They are quick I have found in getting to the problem.

01865 332211

Comment #2

I was just coming back to suggest that.

Good job,.


Comment #3

Thanks will try them now.......

And they have basically deleted my account, the domains still mine but 1and1 said I'm not in there database,.

So I cant even log in.

Ok contacted them at the email, lets see what they can do..

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OK just got a quick reply of nominet, and they basically said thats 1and1 detagged the domain.

They didnt give me any warning and I want to know why they detagged my domains, I paid for it, had it for like 6 months and they detagg it. Nominet has said I would have to pay an extra 10 to change register,.

1and1 suck...

But nominet has be helpful so far in all fairness.

Ok nominet has gotten back to me again, another fast reply, and they said I could get a refund off 1and1, so i've contacted 1and1 now and ill see if they give me a refund...

Comment #5

Sounds good,.

But shouldnt one and one be paying this as it was their mistake, or was it in redemption period or something like that?.

Nominet are good and quick, glad you are getting a result :-)..

Comment #6

No it wasn't in redemption, I had it for like 6 months...

Comment #7

Another casualty of 1and1..To be honest 1and1 shouldn't be in the domain business I registered a premium domain with them few months back and after one day of the registration they send me a message stating that they couldn't reg. the domain. When I traced the domain it was reg to somebody else on the day I registered it. They told me that I couldn't do anything about it because it's reg to someone else already. The domain worth thousands of dollars...

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If you found the name on a droplist, it's possible someone had already registered it before you. Some registrars are notorious for taking a long time to actually register the domain after you order it, so it's also possible that it was available to reg when you ordered it, but between the time you ordered it and 1and1's system actually tried to register it, someone else had registered it. Whenever I register a domain I check the whois to make sure it is showing as unavailable afterwards and if it's still not regged within 5 minutes, I'll register it again until it is. But I use Moniker now and I've never experienced this problem since switching...

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Here is what I had to do. I had a similar situation. Assuming you have case #'s etc. Email the details of your situation to.

That helped much much more than emailing support.

Btw, the ONLY solution I was able to come to was to have them give me the EPP codes and unlock the domains. Then I transfered them someplace else.


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I didn't find the domain on any droplist. I simply type in random domains and quite frankly I managed to register few domains that have premium quality. And I also checked whois at the time and it was available. The suspicious thing about it was they sent me an email the following day and they dated on the previous day but the date on the email that was sent to me said otherwise.

I now register domains with Moniker and never had any issue. By the end of the year all my domains will be transferred with Moniker...

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I would register a formal complaint with nominet also,.

As they are a goverment agency as it were, they have a obligation to investigate any complaint you have, and would probs make 1one1 tighten themselves up and probs get you a good result also..

Comment #12

I think Nominet is in UK I registred the domain with 1and1 in the US. Could I also file a complaint there?..

Comment #13

Atten: folks,.

For every domainer who has their head in the sand, it has been stated over and over in this and other forums that 1 and 1 has been giving domain onwers a big headache for a very long time...

Comment #14

Yeh I agree, there rubbish, but why do I keep going back to them to buy my's.

Because there cheaper than everywhere else..

Comment #15

Uk reg is the one I use, excellent service from them for my's..

Comment #16

HERE is a very thorough post on how to file complaints against

Comment #17

Once, when aka 1&1 Internet Services, Inc. locked my account for no reason, I sent hourly emails to hater.".

One way to get back at them is by reducing the number of new customers they get.

Good luck.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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