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Has anybody here been able to cancel a contract with 1and1?.

I have a dedicated server with them that I no longer want or need. I went through the cancellation process at and monitored it until I saw a status of "authorized". I then assumed that I might be charged an early termination fee and my package would be cancelled..

I recently noticed that they are still charging me for the server, so I emailed billing to ask why I am still being billed when I already cancelled the package and their respones was as follows.......

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I received another reply from them. If I had known this before I would have paid the initial $99 "setup fee" to have no contract...

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I would remove the credit card from my account, but I have a second server and some domains on it that I don't want to get rid of yet. I will be removing everything from 1and1 as soon as I get my few domains left with them transferred out to moniker. I wonder if my credit card company would do a chargeback for the 1 "cancelled" server, it goes on my credit card as a seperate charge for each..

I am not paying for this server through mid 2009...

Comment #2

Move all your stuff and report your credit card lost. The CC company will issue a new number and you can conveniently "forget" to supply 1and1 with the new number..

Or, tell them if you're paying for the server you want it shipped to you and you'll return it when your contract expires. No doubt they'll refuse to do that so tell them to reactivate it and you can load it with porn and spam sites and cycle sites and do your best to smoke test the thing. Run it 24/7 at the absolute limit of your bandwidth...

Comment #3

The only problem with doing that is in a years time when you get called by a collection agency asking for $price per month * months left in contract. And then have it end up on your credit report...

Comment #4

2009???? Who in the fuck has multi-year contracts for webservers? All the companies I have used are like 60 days notice...

Comment #5

Wow that is pretty bad. I was almost taken in by their good prices and sales letter, I almost clicked on an impulse one day because I was tired of powweb. Luckily I didn't click. I.

Still have powweb and it still sucks, but at least I have the option now to switch to something like hostgator which I will probably do by the next billing cycle (powweb has 3 month billing cycles). You can cancel at any time with hostgator right? Yeah 1&1 looked good, but I have not heard good things about it, what is it about companies getting huge that corrupts them and ruins their service and value?..

Comment #6

To be fair you should have read their policies before signing up because that's one thing you should have noticed immediately with a contract that long..

As a general rule of thumb, never sign into contracts or pay in advance for your hosting as you never know what is around the corner..

Canceling the checking out might not be a wise idea, 1and1 are well known for actively using collection agencys...

Comment #7

Contract Smontract..

I still think it's preditory business practices, I don't care if there was a fucking contract. They may have the law on their side (maybe, who knows) but companies that pull that crap are shady and deserve to be shamed out of business..

You should file a rip off report. Or even do 20k per month using this system and make some money while you're at it..

Comment #8

Wow, that's pretty lame. Have you tried contacting them in person via the phone and cutting a deal?..

Comment #9

They are going to send collecting agency. I read from other forum people end up paying because those collecting agency keep calling and threaten to mess up their credit score..

It is not a rip off, not even shady - at all. You should have read everything on the contract before you sign...there is no one else to blame.

Btw, it took me 7 month to stop 1and1 to bill 10 domain that I 've transfer out a year ago, their customer service is shit..

Comment #10

Collection agencies don't actually have the power to affect your credit score, it's the actual company that is seeking collections. At least, that's how it is here in Canada..

EDIT: Case in point, I shut down a credit card that I was using to pay 1and1 for a while and all they did was close the account. I have not once heard from them regarding it, nor a collection agency, and that was three years ago...

Comment #11

Trust me they will call you, call you calll you call you, whatever you do dont go on a buying spree especially on those infos you guys like to chew up, not only will the automatically renew them for you, cause they love you , they will call your grandmother, your father, your evil twin sister asking for their money. Fucking bitches, unless I own which I dont stay away from 1and1. Its for straight newbies, go midphase or some other hosting company. They will call you, trust me over and over again. They did for one fucking domain. that fucking sucks...

Comment #12

If you get a call from a collection agency, their routine is intimidation, right up to and sometimes including violating the law. They'll try to psyche you into believing all kinds of bad shit will happen..

Simply tell them you will only deal with the original creditor and they shoulkd no longer call you. If they continue to call, they're violating the law and are subject to you filing a civil action for remedy..

I do, however, agree with all the posters who say it's your fault for signing up without reading the fine print. We all do it, though. Learn a lesson...

Comment #13

I vote for this! smoke test! HA HA! Torch that server!..

Comment #14

Dejavu. A thread like this shows up about every other month..

Comment #15

DOS and MiddleMan attack your own server. Make your own breaches in your source and config and attack the hell out of it with alt.binaries scripts. Toss the drivers and get them to manual repair the server..

See what they have to say about server security. If you're lucky, they'll have one of the certification guarantees. full refund.

OR run parallel infinite loop cron jobs with a database marquee with maximum concurrency and give them the smoke test plan B...

Comment #16

1 and 1 are worse than hostgator fer chrisakes...

Comment #17

Correct speaking from experience..

Thay suck bad, but once you close you card/account, they're done with you...

Comment #18

I've never had any problems with hostgator. Granted their support people aren't terribly smart or helpful, but setup is always quick for me and cancellation has been easy...

Comment #19

I hate companies who do this. This is just one reason why 1and1 has a bad rep...

Comment #20

I still have 1and1, but it was the hosting I got when I was a "newbie". But now that I'm no longer a noob, I want to move. I want dedicated hosting, cpanel, fantastico, etc. Any recommendations where the majority of people in this forum can agree that it's a good host? I dont want one person to say "xyz" is great, 10 others bash it, and the cycle continues. I'm looking for something long term so I wont have to move 70+ sites again.


Comment #21

As a last resort why not just rent it out in the meantime?..

Comment #22

It's pretty common to not be able to cancel things. They try to do whatever they can to keep you...

Comment #23

Id block them on your cc, update your contact info to some guy in africa so they can't try to collect..

Comment #24

Yeah, I even have proof of faxes sent to them and they routinely ignore my cancellations for domains. Did I mention their support sucks, too? What, am I codependent or something?..

Comment #25

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