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Is the 1and1 blogging software the exact same Wordpress kit you'd get directly from Wordpress if you downloaded it there?.

I just bought a 1and1 hosting package with 3 domains, and I' screwing around with their blogging tool to just feel it out. It's labeled Wordpress, and there's the Wordpress "Dashboard", but is it as powerful as the software Wordpress will allow you to download on their site? Or is it a sort of stripped down "hosting pacakage" addition that lacks the bells and whistles of the real deal?..

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I think it is the exact same. At least it seems to be on dreamhost...

Comment #1

Thanks Jdog, anyone else USE 1and1 with Wordpress?.

Help !..

Comment #2

I HATE 1and1..

I had an exchange account w/them and cancelled my account after my 3 months. They attempted to bill again but my CC had expired and I not having the account did not even notice until I was notified I had a collection out for the $. So I got a notch on my credit report! I had to pay 1and1 and have them get it removed from my report! Damn them..

(If I had paid the collections it would have staid on my report for x years [forget] and 1and1 said I owed them it and wouldn't remove it unless I paid them!!).

Grrrr. I will never deal with them again...

Comment #3

Todd, can you let us all know what was your problem with 1and1? you are just bitching and not giving a reason for it. I've been working with them for 2 years now and I can't think of any better host. there is NO WAY they would charge your account for no reasone. price and service is unbeatable with 1and1. I recommend them to anybody thinking of getting a small package. starts from 2.99 and includes a free domain as well. great company...

Comment #4

I've seen it on control panel, but I never used it. read their userguide PDF file...

Comment #5

Ok, here is what I found..

Have a look at 1and1 Blog FAQ.

From what I can see, it's the exact same thing you would get from wordpress. sinec you can log into your blog from your website and edit the blog without needing to go to 1and1's control panel...

Comment #6

Thanks Rooz, I need to do some reading...

Do you by chance use any of their "free software", that comes with their business package and up, to develop sites with, i.e. Adobe GoLive?.

I'm no programmer, but I am thinking I may be able to learn how to use it....

Comment #7

Why anyone would choose something over Wordpress is beyond me....

Comment #8


I'm not following? You use Wordpress for everything? I mean, in general,.

As a website building tool? I want to use WP for my blogs, but for my sites I'm thinking something else...

I've been looking at tons of WP templates, and I'm not really interested in a site with a banner that's also on 1001 other sites out there..

I need a WP template that'll allow me to change the banner image, I'm cool with the rest, but want a unique look..

Maybe I'm missing the point?..

Comment #9

I use WiseFTP and their PhotoImpact XL. great great softwares..

Do you know any programming?.

And now I can confirm that 1and1 blog is the same ol WordPress...

Comment #10

Did you not read what I wrote?.

I cancelled my account, they billed me again, my CC had expired they didn't have new expiration date they sent collections after me [since cc did NOT bill properly]. I had to pay them to get it removed from my credit record. The ONLY record I had of my account with them NOT being paid-up was my 'ding' on my credit report. I had to send that to 1AND1 for them to even see I had an account in bad standings! (I had called previously to make sure I was paid up and I was! - They had bad record keeping and/or the people I talked to were morons.) So basically I was paid up/cancelled yet they tried to bill again and I got a ding.. my acocunt was good but in order to remove ding I had to pay.. yadi yadi yadi.

That's reason NOT just bitching..

You can rave about them all you want that's your view but don't discredit me for what I went through when you obviously didn't read my post...

Comment #11

Well, i'm not trying to be rude here. it's just you didn't give any reason why you think they are not good..

What do you mean by 'ding" ? the thing is if account is canceled, they are not going to bill you. the whole system is automated. in orther for you to cancel your account, you have to print their form sign it and fax it back. after 90 days, you must pay for the service. in any case, have a nice day...

Comment #12

Read this post by Graywolf about his experience with 1 and 1: it was really a nightmare...

Comment #13

I guess you didn't read my post, their billing system is completely automated. even if your credit card is expired, system keeps charging you and if it can't, it'll sends it to collection. this topic is becoming gay..

So all I have to say is if you can read and follow their instruction to cancel an account, use them, if you thinks because your credit card is expired your account shouldn't get charged then don't use them...

Comment #14

Everyone stop posting here because apparently roozbeh007 is the 1and1 guy who knows it all and we can't ever have any problems because *gasp* their automated system is perfect..

Pull your head out of your ass and see that there ARE PROBLEMS with their system. Why do you keep calling us morons and liars? Can you do anything but tell us 1and1 is perfect, their automated system is perfect, etc..

We understand you like them..

You don't need to keep telling us we are stupid for having problems with them..

Deal with the fact that NOT EVERYONE [even 1and1] is perfect and get over protecting them.

Normally when people here about problems from a company they like they say wow I neve rnew that or oh that's interesting. But no not you... you have to stand up for them and say OOOH NOOO that could never happen. It sounds like you are someone who lives in denial...

Comment #15

STOP jacking up the thread with your "I hate 1and1" posts...

I don't give a rat's ass about billing problems, I think there's more to those stories than what's being told..

Thus far, not too many negative comments/feedback about their SERVICE...

Thanks Rooz for your feedback....

Comment #16

Well I'm not sure if anyone cares but I use for my blog hosting. 24/7 support and they support Movable Type, Wordpress, and their own Photoblog software..

My aff. link:.


Hmm I hope this isn't violating any rules here, just thought I'd post about them since this was about 1and1 blog services. If it is, feel free to delete my post...

Comment #17

The initial reason I canceled them (unsuccessfully) in the first place was bad ustomer service:.


Every person I've ever dealt with there seems incapable or unwilling to think, they seem to have a very set bunch of rules to follow, and they aren't allowed to deviate from the script, even when you deal with a supervisor level...

Comment #18

Can't believe it. this is your first post. so you just registered on WickedFire to say these shit loads of crap.

Fuckin sock poppets..

Comment #19

Umm this is the same graywolf (Michael Gray) who posts at, threadwatch, and WMW. Feel free to have any admin or mod verify the email that was confirmed for this account..

I've seen wicked fire a few times and when it started showing up in my referral logs I came by and commented. What I said is true and I stand behind it 110%. Feel free to believe what you want...

Comment #20

Are you insinuating I said that? Generally not my style .....

Comment #21

"this is the same graywolf (Michael Gray) who posts at, threadwatch, and WMW."..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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