190XPROB, what head?
I've been looking for a good somewhat portable tripod setup for my D40, and I've narrowed it down to the 190XPROB (unless anyone thinks there is something better in this price range)..

Now, as far as what head to use, I'm leaning towards a ball head. Quick release is a must, and I've been thinking about the 486RC2, but am not sure what/if it makes it better than any other in it's price range, what would you guys suggest? Also, how well do the ones with integrated levels work vs a level that mounts on a hotshoe?..

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Hi mate, I have a Nikon D40 and like you was edging towards the 190XPROB but in the end for the extra money I bought the 055XPROB which I must say is an fantastic tripod I bought the 390RC2 head with it which is good for me because of it's ease of use.. I didn't want a fiddly one. If you can afford the 055XPROB I would certainly get it, it is heavy but liek many people say on here you cant have a light yet sturdy tripod, but you could buy carbon fiber which is much more expensive. Hope this helps..


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Thanks for the suggestion about the 55, but I don't need the extra the cost/weight. Also, the more I've been thinking about it, the more I would rather go with a ball head, thanks for the suggestion though..

Any other thoughts anyone?..

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Would someone explain to me what the difference between all the 4** series Manfrotto ballheads is?..

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No matter how Good it is (n it is Good) you'll find it too light to use a Long lens on it unless you Hang a Heavy bag on the Hook...

So lenses upto about 300mm, like a Sigma 70-300 is Good, anything over could be top heavy....As for the Head...I use a 322RC2 head n find it quite good....

Think of what you're going to use it for before buying..Also, if possible, pop into a camera shop n try a few on a tripod in the shop. I did that n tried the 190Xprob and the 055Xprob with my Sigma 170-500 n camera on them...Because that lot was HEAVY I bought the 055XPROB n 322RC2. Heavy but GOOD.MrScary (DennisR)Swansea, Wales. UK.


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Right now, my largest lens is the 55-200mm VR, and I doubt I'll be going any bigger for quite some time (I know, I know, I say that now  ). I may purchase a sb-600 in the future, but that shouldn't add too much weight (although it may impact ball head choices, adding a little under a pound)..

The bulk of what I'll be using it for would be lugging it to some location to take a few shots in lower light (city scenes, etc), and hopefully a bit of pseudo macro work when if find a good deal on either a Nikon T4 or Canon 500/250D close up lens..

I would head to a shop, but the only one in my area is Ritz with their 4 tripods..

How do you like the 322RC2? I notice that it has a grip handle versus the standard knob/lever, how does it compare?..

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I've been thinking about the 486RC2 vs the 488RC2, what all does the 488 add, and is the price jump worth it?..

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Not been in here for a while, Sorry for late reply..

So far I find the 322RC2 head quite good..It does take awhile to get use to it because the Trigger Grip is rather hard to press in. There is a wheel to make it a bit easier but I've not messed with that yet...The combination of my 055XPROB n 322RC2 with DSLR n 170-500mm lense is Very Heavy to walk with over disstances but if you be staying in one place then it's good....The lighter tripod would suit you seeing as you not useing long lenses..If you can, pop into a store n try some Heads out before buying..If that's not convenient for you then pop into some more forums on internet n ask more questions..GOOGLE n you shall find!Good Luck.MrScary (DennisR)Swansea, Wales. UK.


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Do you have any pictures with the camera on the tripod? I'm trying to get an idea as to how big some of these heads are, and pictures with a head on the tripod with a camera are hard to find...

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I believe but not entirely sure that the differences between the 190xprob and the new 055xprob are mostly in leg section length, the B&H tripod and heads catalog section on their site is very handy for checking things like that. The Bogen heads generally go up in size/capacity within the 48XrcX series, the 486 and 490s I think don't necsesarily track in sequence as to features. B&H has pictures as well of tripod leg/head sets but they may not be too helpful size-wise..

The 484 is rather small and really only suitable for small tripods where you are willing to accept the small size and capacity. The 486 is a little shorter and capacity rated a little lower than the 488. The real big difference is the 488 has a seperate panning lock on it's base. Although Slik and I expect some others have similar rated and made heads, these are pretty standard/typical for ballheads in this feature/price range..

There are two major up ticks in features/price. Going to an Arca Swiss type quick release or going to a truly settable tension control which allows you to set tension in a way that allows you to nudge/move the camera/lens and not need to fully loosen/tighten the settings. You can retrofit AS plates to some of the heads like the Bogens for something over $100 or so. The tension control heads mostly come with AS plates and most start at $300 or so although a couple of the smallest/lightest may come in closer to $250..

The 322 (and less recommendable now) 3265 squeeze grip heads lock/unlock by squeezing the grip handle and that can be very fast in use. The grip/ball arrangement is more compact and efficent on the 322, the 3265 has leverage and balance issues if trying to shoot too far off horizontal with heavy lenses or when flipped over to "portrait." They can be faster than typical ballheads in that price range. Having used the 3265, it's a bit hard to visualize the horizontal grip in use but clearly at andles or portrait, the 322 should work better (and the load rating reflects that)..

To do stitched panoramas, the vertical rotation axis must be very close to perfectly vertcal. That can be a bit harder to get to and maintain with ballheads compared to pan tilt heads The bubble levels on the tripod base will help with getting the legset set for a vertical centerpost. Levels on the head, baseplate or on the camera help get the camera and horizon level. I think the larger bubble levels which can be placed in the camera hotshoe are much easier to see than levels embedded in the tripod/head structure so they are much easier to use...

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The 486RC2 or 488RC2 would suit the 190B well. I use the 486RC2 on my monoipod..

The downside of the pistol grip/trigger arrangement on the 322 is it gives you an unstable portrait platform with the camera so far off the centre of the tripod..

Do not confuse the 486RC2 with the the 468RC2 which I also have. That is a massive ball head with fine friction control that I highly recommend for a heavy lens like my Nikon 80-200 f2.8 on a heavy tripod but much more expensive..

The 488RC2 would make panning and panorama shots a lot easier. A quick release like the RC2 is a must..

Generally Manfrotto equipment is good value for money..

Chris Elliott.

*Nikon* D Eighty + Fifty - Other equipment in Profile.


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Thank you all so much for all of the advice, you may have convinced me to go with the 488, I'm just trying to decide if the 40 dollar price jump + the lack of a free tripod bag is worth it (figuring out how often I'll be taking panoramas)..

I like the idea of the 322, but I don't think the added weight/space would be worth it...

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