Who else is starting Nutrisystem?

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I received my order today and will be "officially" starting my Nutrisystem journey on Saturday, 1/10. Any others starting on Saturday, 1/10? If so, let me know and we can keep in touch and keep each other motivated along the journey and keep each other updated..

Best of luck to us all!!..

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My order came in today but, it's being held at UPS so, I won't be able to get it until tomorrow. I was either thinking of starting Saturday or Sunday. I'm leaning more towards Sunday because I'll be with my boyfriend all day Saturday. I'm sooooo excited!..

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Yeah, I was tossing back and forth between starting Sunday too....but I figured one day sooner is one day closer to my goal! :-) Good luck - keep in touch here and let me know how you like the food, etc...

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I just started yesterday (this is the end of Day 2), but I'd like to keep in touch if that's ok? I'm a little nervous about my first weekend! Hard to stay away from the dinner/drinks routine with friends which is pretty much how I've been living a few nights a week until now! Maybe I should keep a double-chin pic nearby to remind me why I'm doing this GOOD LUCK everyone!..

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Hi everyone my name is Clarissa and my food will be arriving TODAY!!! I'm so excited! I keep looking out the window to see if I see the UPS Truck outside lol. So I 2 will be starting tomorrow!!! I can hardly wait. I love that we can all support each other. We should all way in next Friday to see each others progress! Goodluck..

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Friday weigh in sounds good to me! Good Luck everyone!..

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Hey Everybody !.

LJS2009 - I'm here! I would never leave you hanging !.

I finally got my food tonight, so I am starting tomorrow. I was thinking of waiting a few days too, but I am just going to jump in. That's the point, right ?! Looking forward to the journey with all of you...

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Yea I got my food 2day 2. Im officially starting 2morrow. Although Idk if I should put the food in the fridge or not....says refrigerate after opening o.O..

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Hi I got mine today too. I plan to start tomorrow. I didn't get the full starter kit though (I think). Didn't get the DVD or the Mindset Makeover. Did you get those? All I see in the box is the food, a Meal Planner book and a one-page flyer..

My biggest challenge, where to put all this food!..

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Jvelasquez I don't think you are suppose to put it in the fridge I have asked people on other boards and they say not to. I was also surprised with how much food came. I really didn't think it would be so much I had to empty out an entire cabinet. I have to say the food sure does look good. I hope it taste good. Well goodluck on your first day everyone!!..

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Dh and I are starting (or restarting, we were on it in 2006) tomorrow...

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Hi mhanning - Yes, you can definitely keep in touch!.

To everyone else - Friday weigh in sounds great to me. We can post on Friday or Saturday sharing the good news about losses or venting about the times we don't loss or possibly gain. We are here to support through the ups and downs - to celebrate the accomplishments and support each other through the stuggles!.

Good luck!!!..

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Hey crew !.

Had my first breakfast and it didn't stink, so far so good !..

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish you an awesome FIRST DAY! Here's to looking and feeling amazing.....I'm off to the gym! Survived my first spinning class last night.

P.s. How do you get those cute little progress trackers under your post??..

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Had the peanut butter granola bar for breakfast along with a yogurt and 1/2 banana. PB bar wasn't too bad - but I definitely paired a few bites of the bar with a slice of banana!! haha.

I am off to the store to get some bins to hold my food (just moved into a new house so we have very limited space in the small kitchen) and then I'll have to figure out my lunch. Hmmm....all those choices!.

I'll check in with you all at the end of the day and/or tomorrow - good luck everyone!!..

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Hi mhanning - Go to this site to make your weight tracker:.


When you are done making it, they'll give you the "address" to copy/paste onto your page (make sure you include all the 'img' 'url' info they give you. Then go to "user preferences on the discussion boards (see it in the upper left corner?) and choose "edit signature". Paste the ticker factory web info there and you can click the preview button to make sure it looks right. Then save it and you are good to go!! Let me know if you run into any trouble!!..

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Hi! I'd like to join your group. I was at goal on Weight Watchers less than a year ago and due to a VERY stressful year I have gained it all back plus some! I really could use some help with staying motivated!..

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Hi everyone hope you're all having a great day. I had the blueberry muffins for breakfast today and an orange. It was ok but I 2 had to pair up the bites with the orange LOL it was a bit to dry. For lunch I had the cheese tortellini I think thats what it was called. With a salad. That was also ok I actually added 1/2 a laughing cow to it.

Well atleast we have each other to Vent to!! Have a GREAT 1st DAY GUYS!!!..

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My husband & I are starting Monday. I'm so excited!..

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I just started yesterday and am doing a Friday weigh in as well. I've been pleasently surprised by the taste of the food and how much you get to eat on this plan. Look forward to seeing how we all do. Good Luck Everyone!..

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Just started today - very excited to get rid of this extra weight I have gained within the past year! Good luck to all who are starting this weekend - new year, new us!!..

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Hi! My food should be arriving on Monday....Do you mind if I join you also? I could really use a support group!.


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JDMSZ4The more the merrier, welcome!.

Hey, anyone know why we can only have DECAF coffee and tea, but diet soda is ok? Someone told me that caffeine increases food cravings but there is caffeine in soda......just curious..

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I was wondering same thing. I'm going to have to see how coffee affects, not quite ready to cut that out but will cut back..

I had the granola for breakfast with 1/2 banana and milk. I liked it. For lunch I had the pasta parmesan with brocoli. For my salad item I had cucumbers and carrots with some FF Ranch dressing. And for my protein I added 2 Tbsp parmesan to the pasta. It was ok..

I do like the fact that I have choices and it's all here for me to choose from. Someone mentioned getting some bins, I'm going to do the same thing. I just bought a set of those Bakers Rack shelves for a closet I have, I think I'll keep the food there so it's easy to see in clear bins. THen it's out of the way too. Right now it's in a big box on the floor of my home office, not cool..

I am glad I started today. Tomorrow is football day (Go Chargers). This will help me keep on track, even though I'll have a house full of people..

I started a beginner Yoga class this week too...

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Hi Everyone,.

Well this is Day 4 for me and I'm feeling fabulous...I just thought I'd share a couple of ways I've discovered to make our meals a little more exciting....

Mushrooms are listed as the unlimited foods we can have in salads raw...however, non-stick cooking spray is also listed as a "free" item. I combine the 2 to sautee the mushrooms which goes awesome on many of the items (chicken sandwich, burger, salads, veggie fajitas, etc.). I also select a tomato as my veggie serving, put 2 slices on the chicken sandwich and the rest in my salad. Then I add some of the other unlimited salad veggies to the sandwich (spinach leaves, cucumbers), a bit of olive oil mayo as my fat, and the tsp of mustard we are allowedit tastes so good I would eat it if I werent on a diet!! I had it 2 nights in a row.

Just had a veggie dog as my lunch protein...I was a little scared but it was delish with a bit of mustard! They're called Smart Dogs.....

AnywayI dont know if this is helpful at all, but I figure we have to get creative if we're going to stick with this!!..

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Hey Everybody !.

You guys are doing great ! I know it's hard, but it will be worth it. I am almost through my first day, and it hasn't been bad. I am so full !.

I had the crunch cereal this morning, and mashed potatoes for lunch, so far so good..

I am headed to make dinner, so we shall see....

Have a great night everyone !..

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Hi everyone. Day one is almost over...only dessert left! Not sure what to have, so many options!.

So far so good but it's going to take some getting used to cooking for the family and then eating NS...oh well I guess it will get easier when I start seeeing results!..

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Mommy-of-twin-boys - I totally laughed out loud when mentioned that you also paired some bites with your fruit. I am a VERY picky eater (you would swear I was a 5 year old) and a lot of these things are not me (like veggies, I hate veggies). But I totally had lettuce today. That is a GIANT step me me!!..

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Hello everyone. Today was my first day on Nutrisystem. I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised at how full I feel. Had the Nutriflakes for breakfast with 1/2 a grapefruit. The Cheese Tortellini for lunch with a salad. Beef and Mashed potatoes for dinner with a bit of Sugar Snap Peas and an apple.

Going to have a desert bar in a bit to wrap my first day. Overall, the food is pretty good (I used a tiny bit of sea salt on a couple things). I didn't expect the food to be like a 4 star restaurant so I'd say it met my expectations..

I'm blown away by the fact that I've only eaten/drank about 1300 calories today and I don't feel hungry. I think part it it is that all the fiber I'm eating (which I normally don't eat a lot of) helps a great deal. Tomorrow will be my first exercise day (going to try 20 minutes on an elliptical machine) so I'm crossing my fingers..

Do we need a group name besides 1/10/09? Are we going to start a new message thread each week or just add to this one?.

Anyway, I wish everyone in this group success on their journey to a new, thinner them..


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I hear you girl. I HATE VEGGIES I can't find one in the list that I like. I also had lettuce today which is a huge deal in my book...

Comment #29

Got my food yesterday. Starting tomorrow, can't wait!!! Great job you guys on your first day! Look forward to joining the group. Check out the before and after pictures in the off topic thread. Great motivation. We're going to best losers ever!!!..

Comment #30

Thank you so much for the ticker information. I was wondering how to do it myself. This is day three for me. I really enjoy the program and it is really easy to follow. Hope all other newbies are looking forward to amazing results by sticking with the program...

Comment #31

LJS - Thanks for the welcome (and the tip on how to add the weight loss ticker!).

Mommy of Twins - That chicken sandwich sounds good. I think I'll have that for dinner tonight..

Here's a tip. I found some FF Caesar dressing that I like. I save two of my proteins and add some chicken and parmesan cheese and make a chicken Caesar salad. It's actually like a fourth meal!..

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Had the Lazagne for dinner with some carrots, cucubmers and FF dressing. I need to grocery shop tomorrow for vegies and fruit choices. Lazagne was pretty good. And I'm full. I missed eating a snack this afternoon, had a decaf nonfat late so got some milk but I'll eat a tangerine before bed...

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I just started today myself. 1334 calories today, according to the website which shocked me but I do not feel hungry... I bet I ate 3000-3500 calories in a normal day usually. I am trying to lose 25...

Comment #34

Hey everyone,.

I started yesterday myself and would like to join your group. Don't have my scales yet for weigh-ins. On back order at amazon. Good luck to everyone!!!!..

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Hi Pete - I too had the nacho chips and didn't care for them. Too much seasoning on them. No lie, on one of my bites some of the seasoning flew up into my eye! haha I had to laugh - good thing my husband wasn't around otherwise I am sure that he'd be making fun of me for that one..

As far as a group name - I didn't really think of anything, but if you can think of something interesting, maybe we could use it. And I figured that we could just keep adding to this thread. Other threads get crazy long b/c there are so many people posting on them, but with our smaller group, I think I'll just leave as is. We can always change that later on though. :-).

Good luck with your exercising tomorrow!..

Comment #36

Hey - What brand of FF Caesar did you get? I could only find light, so I have FF ranch - but I would like to find FF caesar though. Thanks!..

Comment #37

Hi aec4444 - I know, I feel the same way...almost didn't even want to eat my dessert. Welcome to this thread!!!..

Comment #38

[quote=LJS2009;2921697]Hi Pete - I too had the nacho chips and didn't care for them. Too much seasoning on them. No lie, on one of my bites some of the seasoning flew up into my eye! haha I had to laugh - good thing my husband wasn't around otherwise I am sure that he'd be making fun of me for that one..

Oh that is too funnyI had a similar experience with some salad dressing!! I couldn't stand the nacho chips and I was really looking forward to them as I loooove nachos. They are the only thing so far that I haven't likedI threw half away..

I had the eggs this morningI was a little scared when I saw that they were powdered (huh?) but they were actually quite good, I put some hot sauce on them..

I hope everyone had a great first day! Congrats! I've been noticing that the afternoons are a little tough for me (from lunch until dinner)...I'm curious to see if anyone else has the same experience??.

Keep up the good work!.


Comment #39

I have a question. I am missing some of the materials from my starter kit. I ordered the "Favorites" box because I was too lazy to try to look through all the food to see what I might like..

These lunch bars - are they meal replacements? Or are they afternoon snacks? All my food is still in the box as I awaiit the shelf system in my closet, so I'm not really sure on this inventory. I think I should have 5 weeks of meals (28-day plan plus 1 extra week)..

Has anyone else already figured this out?.

Oh, for breakfast, day 2, just had the choc chip granola bar, and am going to have jogurt and OJ. The bar was good...

Comment #40

Melissa, I would say that was the same for me...the only time I was struggling a bit with hunger was in the afternoon. Not sure why. During the week, it won't matter much for me as I'm really busy at work, but if I'm not focused on something else it may be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully, our bodies will adjust as we get used to eating this way..

I will say, I think the afternoon snack is really important to help keep you from overeating at dinner. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about eating habits through this program. Hang in there!.


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Hi all. It is nice to find a thread of new people who are also just starting start date was Wed. 1/7. My 1st weigh is tomorrow. I have been "good" most of the weekend...but did cheat alittle with a glass of wine last night but have otherwise done great. I am looking forward to hearing how everyone's 1st week went!!..

Comment #42

Hi all! Istarted friday 1/9. At first I didn't like most of the food, but now I'm finding that it's getting better the more new things I try. Had scrambled eggs this morning and they were not bad at all. The bars that say 'lunch' on them are intended as a lunch. Had chocolate raspberry bar yesterday and it was good. Good luck everyone!..

Comment #43

Hi Lisa,.

First of all welcome! I also started on Wed 1/7 and we have almost identical beginning and goal weights (I started 2 lbs. heavier). Are you doing Monday weigh-ins? I can't tell you how bad I wanted a glass of wine last night! Maybe we can keep in touch and see how our progress is going? Good luck!!.


Comment #44


I restarted on Monday (I 'took a break' at the end of Sept 08). The scale started creeping upward & now I have to do damage control to get back to where I was.....

I'm a married Mom of two girls (5 & 7) & live on Long Island. I work in an elementary school. I'd like to lose another 20 lbs (as well as the extra 2.5 I put back on)..

It feels good to be back in control of my eating & I'm getting ready to dust off my walking dvd soon..



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Hey Everybody !.

Day 2 and things are going good. I was so full yesterday, I didn't even want to finish the dinner. Go figure, right ! I have to laugh about the veggies. I am a totally baby about veggies too. I toughed it out and I am sure it will get better. Had the blueberry muffins, they were ok.

I am going to plan out my meals for the week, I hope that keeps me more focused, especially at work, where everyone eats junk food!.

I also know that some are having a hard time getting used to the water. I have a large SIGG bottle (you can get them at EMS), they are metal bottles, instead of plastic. I am sure you guys either have them or have heard of them. Anyway, instead of facing 8 bottles of water, I know I just have to drink two a day. It holds 36 oz, but there are smaller sizes. I also sometimes add one of those individual crystal lights packs to it.

I don't know if that helps, but it is easier for me to keep track of the water I take it..

Have a great day !.


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My order shipped on the 7th, but the UPS website won't let me track it. How many days did it take to get yours? I want to get started! What did you all do to help your eating before your order came in?.


Comment #47

Hi jhamerle. I got my order on Friday. I noticed that when I tried to track it from the email they sent me it wouldn't let me but when I tracked it from my Nutrisystem page it would track it. Maybe you should try that. I ordered me food on Monday night and got it on Friday. I also paid the extra money for the fast shipping.

To everyone else I hope you are all having a great NUTRISYSTEM DAY. I have to say today is going much better than yesterday. I had the Cereal for breakfast and I added a serving of Strawberries to it it was actually very good. I had a serving of cheese about an hour and a half later.At 12 I made myself a Salad with 1oz of grilled chicken breast,onions, peppers and LF Balsmic Dressing and I am SUPER FULL.

I have found if I spread my meals out it seems to work out better for me. Can't wait to see how the rest of your day is going guys. Talk to you later!..

Comment #48

Thanks for the reply. On the website it goes to Fed Ex and it says there are two orders with the same number, neither of which are mine. I emailed customer service so I know it will be fixed soon. I'm just so anxious!..

Comment #49

Hey guys and gals...its my 3rd day on Nutrisystem and it's great. The food overall is good and with the extras is pretty filling. Afternoons and evenings are a little tough, but nobody said it was going to be easy. Had lots of snow and ice here in NY, so my daily exercise is covered(snow shoveling by hand). I can't wait to see how we all do at our weigh-in!!!!..

Comment #50

I live in CA - ordered mine on Mon or Tue and got it Friday. Did not pay extra for fast shipping..

By the way, my name is Christy...

Comment #51

By the way. Today will be challening. We are having family over to watch the football game. My husband is making Carne Asada. I think I will have a big huge salad and a piece or two of the meat on it. No chips/salsa but can have vegies and salsa.

Hopefully she'll bring vegies. And if not, I have plenty anyways. Vegies with salsa is good and I have sugar free green tea that I really like to drink..

I haven't told anyone besides my husband and daughters I am doing this. I just don't want anyone judging me. So that's the hard part is being careful to not appear to be eating different, yet still eating different. Does that make sense?..

Comment #52

What day do you all weigh in? I generally like weigh in on Friday....


Comment #53

DAY 1 for me and I couldn't be more excited. I had the scrambled eggs with cheese this morning. Melissa I thought the same thing you did when I opened the container, and saw powder - what!?!?! But, I put in the water and thought to's to summer! They weren't that bad actually, very surprised. Trying to decide what to eat for lunch...soo many options. Need to go to the grocery first..

When are weigh ins again? I've seen 2 different days, Monday and Friday...

Comment #54

Hi Christy, I felt the same way about not telling everyone I know about joining. I feel the pressure is less this way and I know many people who like to give advice and judge. I ordered my food last Sunday and go it Thursday. My name is Sarah and I live outside Boston, got 6 more inches of snow last night. Good Luck!..

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Is it too late to join in? I am restarting as of yesterday. I lost 50 pounds on Nutrisystem in 2007, was great at maintaining until about August of 2008, and am now back up to 163.6 poundsI've gained back almost 24 pounds. I did Weight Watchers for a month and gained 2 pounds on WW! Portion control has always been a big problem with me, so WW is not a good idea for someone like me!!!.

Anyway, I want to join inthese are my stats:.

Starting Weight: 05/05/2007190 pounds.

December 2008141.50 pounds.

Today's Weight163.6 pounds..

Comment #56

I think most of us are weighing in on Fridays...

Comment #57

Amanda, I tried WW several times, but no success. I think this will work because of the portion control. Sarah..

Comment #58

I don't know what made me think WW was going to help. I should have learned my lesson from before...

Comment #59

WW is a good program, but difficult to stay on because of all the measuring, weighing, counting etc...

Comment #60

The portion control has always been a problem for me because there is still food in the pots and pans on the stove!..

Comment #61

I just ordered mine....I won't start until next week but I would love to be support for you..


Comment #62


I've heard that the eggs are better if you make them in a pan like regular scrambled eggs......

Comment #63

Hey Debbie,.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot next time!..

Comment #64

Welcome Cindy!! So many of us were just where you are now...waiting for the food. I learned so much the 5 days between ordering and receiving my food because I was checking posts and threads here. Everyone has such good information! Feel free to join our discussions here and let us know when you receive your food. In the interim, feel free to ask any questions...

Comment #65

So I had the Cheese Tortilini for lunch - I did NOT care for it. It had such a strange after taste. Well, at least I know not to include that in my next order. I had the Nutriflake cereal with 1/2 banana sliced in it and it was pretty darn good. Along with my yogurt, it was pretty filling! Now time for my snack - strawberries and a lowfat cheese stick (Sargento - soooooo gooooood!!!)..

Comment #66

I had the black beans and rice for lunch. It wasn't bad, a little spicy but ok. I had it with a fat free tortilla. I'm saving the rest of my lunch to have when people get here for the game...

Comment #67

I'm looking forward to my pizza for dinner. I love it when I add in sliced mushrooms and onions! Yummy!..

Comment #68

Im having Pizza tonight too...Ive heard it's really good..

Had eggs this morning too...thank goodness for the ketchup it all I can say! haha..

Comment #69

Yea I like the pizza too. I had it last night and tonight. The first one I had was the "thick" crust and I couldn't help but laugh. There was nothing thick about that crust. But then I had the thin crust and realized that maybe that crust was thick after all LOL. I really didn't like the Cheese Tortilini either or the chicken noodle soup.

Breakfast and dinner are pretty good..

For those asking when weigh in is I'm pretty sure it's Friday can't hardly wait!!..

Comment #70


Try adding a tablespoon or two or your own pasta sauce to any of the Italian style meals. It makes a world of difference!!!.

I also top my pizzas with lots of veggies, sauce, garlic & a little ff or lf mozzerella & parm cheese. I haven't tried the cheese tortellini yet but I'm hoping extra sauce will save it.....

I tried the veggie lasagna tonite for the first time (I normally get the meat lasagna). I lined veggies on bottom of bowl, dumped the lasagna on top, covered it w/the sauce, added my own sauce, a little lf cheese & a tsp parm, nuked it....YUM!!! (& filling)..

Comment #71

I like big portions too, so I add/mix veggies into everything. I usually plate the food too instead of eating it like a tv dinner. I'll try any 'trick' I can find - LOL!!..

Comment #72

One other trick I do is put things on a small plate - makes me think less about the smaller portions I am eating...

Comment #73

I agree - lunch leaves a little something to be desired!! haha I am bummed that you didn't like the chicken noodle soup since I think I have 4 of those. I guess we'll see how I like it..

Well I am off to pick my dinner selection - so many choices!!!..

Comment #74

I'm having the "thick crust" pizza tonight too! Looking forward to adding spinach, a tomato as my veggie, olives as my fat and some mushrooms also. Yum!.

I cheated for the first time today I'm a little disappointed in myself, but I knew those nachos at the movie theater would be difficult to turn down. However, I'm trying to keep it in perspective considering that usually I would have eaten like that all day every day (then have cocktails)so one small slip in my 5 days of being good is okay. Plus, I've gotten 60-90 minutes of intense exercise the last 4 days in a row. I also realized that I didn't account for one of the biggeset reasons I eat huge amounts of junk for an entire week's here and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to deal with my monstrous appetite!! :-X..

Comment #75

Hi all.. looks like I started about the same time as you .. how's everyone doing ?

Comment #76

Debbie.. you're doing great ... have you been on Nutrisystem since april ?

Comment #77

I received my food last week, but wait unti today to start as I was moving. I am starting a new job tomorrow and decided to start Nutrisystem as well. I also started an exercise walking DVD in the mornings. I am hoping to do this at least 4 days a week. Anyone else doing the walking DVD by Leslie Sansone?..

Comment #78

Hey everybody! I started yesterday 1/10; so far so good. It does take a lot of time planning meals, shopping for the right ingredients etc. But, it will be so worth it in the long run..

I work as a cashier at a grocery store, today was hard, ringing up cakes and pies. Also, I didn't drink all my water, I can't drink at the register, so I have to sneak. I didn't get my lunch till late, so I was starving. I found I was full after lunch though..

The food is okay, not good and not horribly bad. I love veggies, so all is good there..

I wish I had found this thread yesterday. May I join in?.

Thanks, hope everybody is a loser this week..


Comment #79

I've got the dvd too but haven't set up the vcr yet.. i'm on my 6th day.. seemed to go by quickly, trying to figure out the foods I like.. I know they ones I don't like.. some look a little scary, so putting those to the end of the line.. i'm trying to lose 40 lbs....

Comment #80

Hi paula.. I just joined this group today too.. just a few minutes ago actually.. my weakness is the water also.. good luck with your weighloss.


Comment #81

Wow.. you've got a lot going on right now.. good luck with ns.


Comment #82

I've only done this for 6 days, so haven't cheated yet.. but i'm sure the day will come.. i'm sure all that exercise you're doing will equal out for the nachos.. good luck - keep it up...


Comment #83

I started 1/2/09.. new year's resolution (of course).

Good luck.


Comment #84

Hi jenn:.

I started on 1/2/09.. got my food right before the new year.. with plans on starting on the first...

Good luck !.


Comment #85


Everything i've seen in not to refridgerate.. it's packaged in a way that it is not needed..

Good luck.


Comment #86

Found the tracker. Thanks for the information. I really hope this system works. The older I get the harder it seems to be to loose the pounds. Things that used to work don't work anymore. So far the food is okay.

My biggest issue is that I don't eat or drink dairy. any ideas?..

Comment #87

Welcome CIndy,.

I started Nutrisystem last Monday. To date have lost 9 pounds. I have been very religious with the meals and have not cheated once. Some days are tempting. Remember you can add the free foods as needed. I add fat free Cool whip to my evening fruit dish.

I have found that taking my entrees out of the serving containers and putting them on a dinner plate really does make the food more enjoyable. Good luck and stay strong and don't forget the water...

Comment #88

Welcome Amanda,.

Have been on Nutrisystem for 7 days. Lost 9 pounds without cheating. Best of luck...

Comment #89

I have a question....I picked carrots (sticks) for my dinner vegetable but, I don't know how many sticks are in a cup. Can anyone help me?..

Comment #90

Hi mhanning - Don't beat yourself up over it. I am sure we will all slip up here or there, but that is human. I mean, we are not going to be on Nutrisystem forever - being on Nutrisystem will help us to learn portion control and healthy choices. You have kicked butt so far this week, so don't dwell on this, okay...

Comment #91

Thanks Pat, but I'm not really doing as great as it looks on my ticker...I started in April 08 & fell off the wagon around the end of Sept (lost 38 lbs but gained a few back that I have to lose again...boooooo!) The ticker on the bottom is the accurate one since I still have 2 lbs to go just to get back where I was..

Anyway, I know I can't do this by myself, so I'm officially back as of last Monday. I worked too hard to let it all go again & still have around 20 more to go! My next baby-step is to start exercising again. I guess I'm going to have to clear the clothes off my hanger, um I mean my treadmill, LOL!.

Hope you had a great weekend & best of luck to you w/NS!!..

Comment #92

I am starting tomorrow. I am a liitle confused about snack and when to eat the fruits veggies and what I can/should add and what amount. I didn't find the information I recieved Meal planner helpful. Will someone help? Just trying to do a little research before I start..

I also noticed tickers Where do I find them?..

Comment #93

I started yesterday too (1/10/2009).....I don't have scales yet but 2 months ago at Dr's office I was 290....

I was on Nutrisystem in late 1980's (lost 100 lbs then)...kept it off till 2004 till I quit smoking...Now I would like to do a 100 lb Nutrisystem repeat....

Good Luck to all of us....Take it day by day, sometimes hour by hour.


Male, 47, Mississippi..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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