How do you stay on Nutrisystem while traveling?

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Hello everyone!! How do you cope when you are out of town for business and staying at hotels that do not have microwaves..... example: the Sheraton. I was on business for 3 days and the first day went well as I had my meals alone and was able to do the breakfast and lunch bars and then ordered grilled chicken salad for dinner from room service.

Days 2 and 3.... not so good. I was required to eat with the rest of the group and it was bagels, cream cheese, boxed lunches with deli breads loaded with roast beef and cheese etc.... ugh... I am glad I am home today, but my calorie counts for the past 2 days are around 2100 per day....

Does anyone have good ideas for business travel and how to stay on the Nutrisystem plan? HELP! I want to be successful and lose this extra 25 pounds! Thank you for any words of wisdom...

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Can you bring the bars for breakfast/lunch and eat them on your own?.

As for dinners, I would plan to eat it on your own in your room after eating with the group. When with the group you could have salad..

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I also posted this on the other thread:.

Kittycattgirl - Rather than eating the bread, eat everything but. Eat the roast beef and cheese - at least there you're getting protein and dairy. Understand there's fat too, but cutting back on the bread will help. Take the lunch bars with you. If it's just a box lunch, I can't see that eating a bar instead of the lunch would annoy anyone. Joke about it - I've got my bar - and no extra pounds! If you're out to dinner, order meat with veggies and a salad - with dressing on the side (I detest FF dressing - I use regular and it does not hinder my loss - works for me, maybe not for you).

If it's breakdfast, order an omelet. No toast, no jam. Or take one of the bagels, scoop out the dough - just eat the ouside. Maybe a teeny, teeny bit of cream cheese? If anyone says something, tell them you're on NS. Everybody sees the commercials - they'll probably be interested in how it works, how you're doing.

Just gotta learn to say "no." Easier said than done..

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Geeky girl and Susan, Thank you for the tips.... they will be very helpful as I travel atleast 6 days per month and that could derail my weight loss. The idea of scooping out the middle of the bagel is great!!! No one would even notice. : ).

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Have you looked at the flex stats for following Nutrisystem with your own food?.

Those will come in handy. As far as "no bread", if you're flexing a meal completely without Nutrisystem food, you should allow yourself a small serving of carb. Whole wheat toast with an egg and fruit is a great breakfast. 3-4 oz of meat, veggies, and rice or a whole wheat roll is a good flex dinner..

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Surely there is a microwave in the breakfast area. That is what I use if the room does not have a microwave in it. I spend at least a dozen nights per month in hotels. I travel by car. I actually do better on Nutrisystem when traveling vs being at home.


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I ALWAYS ask for a microwave when I check in...most hotels can accomodate you or give you access to one in the dining area. I bring lots of bars and items that don't require heat. I stick to salads and fruits/veggies when eating with a group. I also talk to the event organizer before hand to let them know I am dieting and request certain things. No one has EVER complained or given me a hard time. Hotels and meeting organizers have been incredibly supportive..

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Hi! I admire you for asking questions, and being determined! Just take charge of your journey, regardless of what others around you are doing, be creative, and you'll see yourself losing the weight you're wanting to!!.

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Thank you to all! Wonderful ideas, and I would never have thought of asking for a room with a microwave..... when I read that one I just thought to myself...... duh, why didn't I think of that before.

You are all wonderfully helpful!!.

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If you dont have access to a microwave, you can heat up water in the coffee maker (provided your room has that), and make oatmeal. I carry cheese sticks for the mid day snacks. You can also buy pre mixed salads/veggies at grocery/convenience stores. Just read the labels and use your own dressing, or fore go it altogether because that's where a lot of the hidden calories lurk.

If you're eating with a group, don't be intimidated, remember why you are on Nutrisystem. You health should be your # 1 priority. If you feel uncomfortable announcing why you are requesting a certain menu, or foregoing lots of food items, you can just say you are on a special eating program for health reasons. There are lots of folks with wheat & other allergies, so it's not a big issue most places..

Good Luck and remember, if you do eat off plan, don't use that as an excuse to continue. Just start the next day back on the program..

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Since we have a vacation home we go to when we travel, I just take the Nutrisystem food with me and buy grocery items at the supermarket. I rarely go anywhere else. When I first started Nutrisystem however, we went away and I didn't take any food with me as I wanted to travel light and found myself going "off it a bit" I figure if I lug the food up with me, I sure has heck better eat it LOL!.

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